Open Journal / Recent concert performance reports by Naoko Matsui alias Goryo Goryokaku alias Alucard Leterme

1. Aug, 2017

Rehearsal photo ; during the first rehearsal with Jápadočeský Symphonický Orchestr Mariánské Lázně at Theater Mariánské Lázně (Mariánské Lázně Czech Republic) on 27 July 2017, in the framework of Jápadočeský Symphonický Orchestr Mariánské Lázně "Mezinárodní mistrovské houslové kurzy". Soloist (left) ; Goryo Goryokaku alias Naoko Matsui, Conductor (right) ; Martin Pechík, Jápadočeský Symphonický Orchestr Mariánské Lázně

From Vienna, it took approximately 10 hours to be in Mariánské Lázně / Marienbad (Czech Republic) after the two concerts at Stift Geras and Kirche Halbturn (both in Austria). Although I arrived at Mariánské Lázně / Marienbad on 24 July 2017, it was mostly at 22h (the closing time of Základní umělecká skola Fryderyka Chopina / Frederick Chopin's Music School). Therefore, I began meeting with the event manager and the both Professor Maurizio Sciarretta and Professor Jitka Hosprová from 25 July 2017 afternoon.

It was not only by the event manager himself but also other concerned members who were often talking about this International Violin Masterclass as "Entertaining Success" delightfully. There, I was agreeing with them completely and we were already talking about the next time. His managements are very precise and the schedules were very comfortable.

My interpretations in First Violin Concerto by Niccolò Paganini had been extremely polished by the both wonderful, brilliant and graceful Professors. Professor Sciarretta refined my technical interpretations for extremely artistic expressions and the realization methods. Professor Hosprová reinforced my precisions for each subtle phrase making with showing by her viola playing (!!!). During their five lessons, I never stopped surprising and adding new methods to play the Concerto by Paganini.

The two rehearsals for the First Violin Concerto by Paganini with Jápadočeský Symphonický Orchestr Mariánské Lázně / West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Mariánské Lázně conducted by Maestro Martin Peschík had been realized very quickly and smoothly, once in the Theater Mariánské Lázně and another in Společenský dům Casino Mariánské Lázně (Casino Cultural and Conference Centre of Mariánské Lázně) as the concert venue. Here are the programs ;


Jápadočeský Symphonický Orchestr Mariánské Lázně "Mezinárodní mistrovské houslové kurzy" / West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Mariánské Lázně "International Violin Masterclass 2017" Concert (29 July 2017, Společenský dům Casino Mariánské Lázně / Casino Culturel and Conference Centre of Mariánské Lázně, Mariánské Lázně Czech Republic)


Niccolò Paganini ; Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major Op. 6 1st Mvt. "Allegro Maestoso" (Cadenza / Émile Sauret)


Goryo Goryokaku (五稜郭五稜) alias Naoko Matsui (松井直子), Violin

Martin Peschík, Conductor

Jápadočeský Symphonický Orchestr Mariánské Lázně / West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Mariánské Lázně


Mezinárodní mistrovské houslové kurzy / International Violin Masterclass 2017 by Professor Maurizio Sciarretta and Professor Jitka Hosprová (25 - 29 July 2017, Základní umělecká skola Fryderyka Chopina / Frederick Chopin's Music School, Mariánské Lázně Czech Republic)


Niccolò Paganini ; Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major Op. 6 1st Mvt. "Allegro Maestoso" (Cadenza / Émile Sauret)


Goryo Goryokaku alias Naoko Matsui, Violin



Sometimes senses of my expressions on my strings exaggerate more than I was expecting. So that never made me tired however, because I was required to realize and acquire them as fast as possible. 

I had an impressive conversation with Professor Hosprová after the last violin lessons during this Violin Masterclass at Základní umělecká skola Fryderyka Chopina / Frederick Chopin's Music School ; ordinaly contents about my current living in Germany but all of her questions were which I was asked periodically but always calmly and sympathetically, whether I was in Germany or another countries for my concerts. I simply replied (or explained ?) as usual as what I was doing especially in Hamburg (and also some parts of my past studying life in Brussels Belgium).

Anyway, both the Violin Masterclass and the Concert were really "as if all of music festivals were in one night", even all of them were true (not just dreams). I had been awarded the very gorgeous Masterclass Certificate with detailled program contents (!) after the end of the concert and walking in the midnight Mariánské Lázně.

25. Jul, 2017

Concert photo ; curtain call of Geras Klingt "Der Sommer" Orchesterkonzert at Stift Geras (Geras Austria) on 23 July 2017. Soloists (from left) ; Soley Blümel (Piano), Milana Nosek (Piano), Darya List (Violin), Sayoko Akimoto (Piano) and Goryo Goryokaku alias Naoko Matsui (Violin), Conductor (Right) ; Robert Lehrbaumer, Vienna International Orchestra

The second week of AMA Session began with the meeting with Maestro Robert Lehrbaumer and other soloists or his pupils who were playing on concerts or auditions exclusively in Stift Altenburg (!). I and Maestro Lehrbaumer began checking my interpretations and precisions in L'Estate = Summer Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi with discussion of how to realize the singing birds' passages in the first movement within two of lessons with his piano accompaniments and two of rehearsals with Vienna International Orchestra (VIO).

However, the AMA Office told me that nobody can take me neither to Horn nor Vienna nor Rosenburg on the date of my previous check out on 24 July 2017, but they also told me very sympatically that they can take me to Vienna directly just after the concert at Stift Geras on 23 July 2017. 

During approximately three hours of the second rehearsals before going to Geras, the AMA Office Team began closing their office and they were moving their equipments into their cars. I also put my affaires into one of their cars and departed from Stift Altenburg.

Suddenly, Valentin, the driver (one of the AMA Office Team members) had been called and he raged (by phone) at that only Maestro Lehrbaumer was left behind at the entrance of Stift Altenburg with his concert costume.

I (Goryo) ; "Dann, gehen wir wieder zurück nach Stift Altenburg ?"

Valentin ; "Ich weiß nicht !!!"

And we immediately found alone Maestro Lehrbaumer with his costume in front of the entrance of Stift Altenburg. Indeed, all other cars of AMA concerned members were already departed and we were asking ourselves ;

"Who normally should take him to Geras ?"

repeatedly until our actual arrival at Stift Geras.

Here's the program ;


Geras Klingt / Orchesterkonzert "Der Sommer" (23 July 2017, Stift Geras Marmor Saal, Geras Austria)


Antonio Vivaldi ; L'Estate / Sommer Concerto Op. 8 RV315


Goryo Goryokaku (五稜郭五稜) alias Naoko Matsui (松井直子), Violin

Robert Lehrbaumer, Conductor

Vienna International Orchestra



The Raccord (final short rehearsal with acoustic test), taking soloist photos, watching selling dessin works, catalogue books, and antique furnitures, switching to costume had been done within less than one hour, even I was feeling as if it were taking more than several hours. My performance of L'Estate (Summer Concerto) by Vivaldi began just after the pause and short introduction by Maestro Lehrbaumer. This time, the venue was having a wide width and very luminous. I was feeling fresh and open air, even within the fully crowded audiences. Since being the soloist of a Season (from the Four Seasons / Le Quattro Stagioni / Die Vier Jahreszeiten) by Vivaldi, I escalate myself to realize the musical expressions (or interpretations) with orchestra(s) in each round and all of them were succeeded. This time, three times of my standing ovation was not enough to be calmed immediately for the rest of the program.

After this concert, I also attended the midnight reception. There, Maestro Lehrbaumer issued me the AMA Masterclass Diploma. He told me that although the diploma should be awarded after the end of another AMA cloture concert on 22 July 2017 in the restauraut in Stift Altenburg (I did not attend there because I was not one of the performers on 22 July 2017), it should not be the justification not to issue me the Masterclass Diploma. I thanked him many times for those two weeks and I departed to Vienna in the raining midnight.

25. Jul, 2017

Concert photo ; curtain call of Halbturner Orchestergalakonzert at Kirche Halbturn (Church, Halbturn Austria) on 15 July 2017, in the framework of Halbturn Schloßkonzerte. Soloists (from left) ; Minami Kagusa (Piano), Philipp Rhein (Piano) and Goryo Goryokaku alias Naoko Matsui (Violin), Conductor (right) ; Robert Lehrbaumer, Vienna International Orchestra

Since after attending Wiener Musikseminar 2014, I received some informations of AMA = Altenburger Musik Akademie and since 2015 I was having contact with AMA office. Once my registration troubled them, once their offer troubled me and, we agreed each other to realize two weeks of Masterclass Session "Solo & Orchester" this year finally, thanks to their unbelievably beautiful offer ; performing Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille Saint=Saëns Op. 28 at Kirche Halbturn and L'Estate = Sommer Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi Op. 8 RV315 at Stift Geras with VIO = Vienna International Orchestra (for both, of course) after "Solo & Orchester" Masterclass by the AMA Artistic Director and the Conductor of Vienna International Orchestra Professor Robert Lehrbaumer. Here's the program of the first concert ;


Halbturner Schloßkonzert 2017 / Orchestergala (15 July 2017, Kirche Halbturn, Halbturn Austria)


Camille Saint=Saëns ; Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28


Goryo Goryokaku (五稜郭五稜) alias Naoko Matsui (松井直子), Violin

Robert Lehrbaumer, Conductor

Vienna International Orchestra



The AMA 2017's venue is Stift Altenburg, there Maestro / Professor Robert Lehrbaumer gave me twice of Masterclass Lessons with his own piano accompaniments before twice of rehearsals with VIO, in order to adjust my interpretations with his orchestra conducting with detailled perfection requirements. During these lessons and sessions, I simply surprised and impressed to his precise instructions for realizing each detailled phrase interpretations in his piano accompaniments. 

Two rehearsals with VIO had been at Auersperg Palais in Vienna, instead of Stift Altenburg. As Vienna is just between Altenburg and the first concert venue Kirche Halbturn (Church), we went to Halbturn directly after the second rehearsal. Although I don't live in Austria alone yet, I never have been lost myself on Viennese streets because I was knowing some places already since my childhood and I sometimes come to Vienna to give concerts and attend some violin lessons. Tripping from Hamburg to Altenburg (outskirt of Horn) was not too difficult, even I don't know whether the nearest city of Altenburg is Vienna or Sankt Pölten, yet.

The concert had been ausgebucht and I was ready to perform Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille Saint=Saëns with VIO and Maestro Lehrbaumer. Simply saying, I just performed as all what I wanted to interpretate in Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Saint=Saëns on the stage of Kirche Halbturn with following all of advices of Maestro Lehrbaumer. Then, I was in the center of roaring long applauses.

After ending this concert, I had been invited to dinner party in the restaurant in Schloß Halbturn as the soloist violinist. Before going to there, I had been explained that Flemish Government Officials came to the concert and they showed other guests a part of my competition winning history during the dinner party. I was tasting them happily and reminding what I was doing more, little by little. 

Before midnight, I and Maestro Lehrbaumer yet rest in the restaurant and he introduced me the major part of the AMA organizers. They readily allowed me to listen their making histories not only about AMA but also Vienna Golden Hall of Musikverein and other major venues until being asked to close the midnight restaurant by the owner, then we returned to Stift Altenburg in witching hour.  

15. Jun, 2017

Since beginning of this year (mostly), I was longing and waiting for playing on XX Concorsi Internazionali di Musica della Val Tidone and my wish had been fulfilled also this time. Before coming to Pianello Val Tidone (the competition venue), I was confusing as if this Music Competition were one of the French Competition due to the city name. Fortunately, the competition venue in Pianello Val Tidone and the nearest and official hotel in La Gatta which was situated just after the border of Castel S. Giovanni (the nearest train station of the hotel and the competition venue) seemed to be not too far from Milano (Linate ; the nearest airport) and Piacenza (stopover before Castel S. Giovanni and the scheduled venue for the Concerto dei Vincitore of XX Concorsi Internazionali di Musica della Val Tidone) from Google Map. However, as the Competition office prepared selling a kind of "service cards" for the hotel reservation and the shuttle bus among Pianello Val Tidone, La Gatta and Piacenza, Pianello Val Tidone was much farther than Castel S. Giovanni (the nearest train station) from La Gatta. I didn't buy this "service card (in my case it was called full card)" and it had been discarded. At least, it took more than 45 minutes but less than one hour from Castel S. Giovanni to the official hotel of the competition in La Gatta by night foot due to absence of taxies and busses. The gentle curb of the main street (?) before La Gatta caused me a kind of illusion in thick grass ; it was much smaller than I was seeing or feeling. 

When I was panicked on the street (before the border of La Gatta - Castel S. Giovanni), the number of the official hotel of the Competition in La Gatta was not valid and the hotelier of another one which I was staying in Caramanico Terme previously replied and encouraged me. I heared that my absence calls to the competition staffs and its official hotel in La Gatta were connected to the hotel of Caramanico Terme several times, I don't know why. After this conversation, I began walking back to the small Piazza (before the grass road area). It was in front of a house one before the last three vacant houses at the border, a person explained me how to go to the hotel clearly and I could arrive at there, finally.

There were at least two buildings of Comune di Pianello Val Tidone ; the new theater building as the competition office and the old building where I played. The official pianist rejected my accompaniments for 2nd Mvt. of Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major by Niccolò Paganini Op. 6 (due to duration limits) and Sonata No. 2 in e-flat minor by Flint Juventino Beppe Op. 56. He also lied as if I were not paying neither registration fee of the competition nor the accompanist's fee and he was not knowing how to play the piano (!) hysterically in front of me, one of the competition secretaries at the old building of Comune di Pianello Val Tidone and other Japanese competitors. As its conclusion, the competition office explained me their severe causes or situations and refunded me the accompanist's fee after the verification of my registration status on the place, together. And the Competition Jury granted me immediately to change my competition program completely to 3 movements of Partita No. 2 in d minor by Johann Sebastian Bach BWV1004 (for unaccompanied violin solo), after the urgent discussion between the Jury and the chief secretary in front of me.

Just after playing on my Competition at the old building of Comune, I had been told "Don't think to play also at Conservatorio di Piacenza, Goryo !" during lunch time in Pianello Val Tidone. In true, the Award Ceremony and the Winners' Concert had been held at the same room of Comune di Pianello Val Tidone (not the new communal theater building but ancient one in a small square) instead of Conservatorio di Piacenza, immediately after the award ceremony in the afternoon of the same day. There, I had been awarded 3. Class. (written result name on my competition diploma) with the Medal Award. However, I had been celebrated in front of the audiences unbelievably warmly with unbelievable long and big applause and I felt as if something hauting me had been left.

When I just went out by the competition venue, a woman came just in front of me and panicked by a glance at myself or my Competition Diploma ;

"Scusa, Sir ! Dov'è hai ricevuto questa diploma ?!"


"Signola, lei aveva la terza class. La premiazione ha stata lì, giusta. Ha anche vinto ? Però, ha stato adesso finita e ora è troppo tardo per Lei." 

Another woman replied her instead of me, calmly and gently. The panicked woman ran into there and no longer I don't know her consequences.

I yet wonder why this competition had not been held at the nearest hotel where I was staying because all of us could not find other hotels in Pianello Val Tidone, Piacenza, Castel S. Giovanni or La Gatta (this hotel was situated just after the entrance of La Gatta from Castel S. Giovanni).

5. Jun, 2017

From the next morning of the Award Ceremony of IX Concorso Internazionale di Esecuzione Musicale Città di Airola, I immediately came to Caramanico Terme (Pescara Region). Before this tripping, I was troubled about the preparation in Germany due to too many line crossings and false informations of accommodations in each destination town, especially to Caramanico Terme (after Airola), recently. However, I surely heard "Naoko, ......... (actual existed hotel name) !" twice even in the severely-crossed lines and I could finally prepare for my competition trip also to Caramanico Terme. 

My arrival in Caramanico Terme had been welcomed not only by staffs but also a small female bat "Paola". She was flying in a corridor, especialy in front of my room. This bat was very sympatic to me and she tried enterring in my room from a too small aperture between the door and my violin case. I wondered where the other bats were because I remind a past dream of this hotel (which I saw in this February ?), there there were at least 4 bats flying in the hotel passages. 

In Caramanico Terme, I participated in XVI Concorso Musicale Internazionale "Paolo Barrasso". This competition had been held at Parco delle Terme of Caramanico Terme instead of Chiesa San Domenico which was also called "Auditorium San Domenico" as one of the main concerts venues in Caramanico Terme. There, every competitor included me performed as "Esibizione" in front of many audiences. Once I performed on the stage of Parco delle Terme, I was waiting for my result until the final award ceremony on 04 June 2017.

The award ceremony was crowded with many competitors and gallery until the outside of the hall building. I had been awarded the Primo Classificato (First Classification ; written result name on my competition diploma) with the Golden Medal Award in the end of the ceremony with the great applause. After ending the ceremony, my stayed hotel prepared a course dinner for this celebration.

"Naoko ! Are you number one ?!"

"Si, ho vinto."

"Congratulations, Naoko ! Number One ! .....Mmmmm (with reading my diploma), it's not bad at all ! Caramanico in the World !! (with watching my Golden Medal) Wow!! How nice it is !!!"


The Chef brought me all dishes together because the midnight was almost coming. Only I was in the night restaurant and satisfied for everything ; the result(s), award(s), dinner, staying and accommodations, trippings, etc. It was about my 9th competition winning....

During staying in Caramanico Terme, San Domenico was always closed when I visited. I had been warned not to take the entrance photo nor climb on the entrance stairs, in order to avoid unwanted disasters. And nobody concerned to the Competition neither visited nor talked about San Domenico in Parco delle Terme at all, as far as I know. During this short staying in Caramanico, I literally "envisionned (?)" a completely dark, vertically long and very deep solid building-like box. At its bottom, yet enough shallow but magma was waving and I shocked.