28. May, 2018

II Premio Nicola Di Stefano International Festival of Music & Arts

An introduction of this international music festival came to me with the brochure. It made me being highly interested to be there, even the further information didn't come before my departure.

I had been confused between Trinitapoli (the train station mentionned "Trinitapoli San Ferdinando Di Puglia") and San Ferdinando Di Puglia in order to be arrived at the Auditorium San Ferdinando Di Puglia. Only an ice cream cafe was opening in Trinitapoli and there, a family brought me to the Auditorium San Ferdinando Di Puglia.


"È postato ? È postato ?"


One of them cheered me up repeatedly until finding the stairs of the Auditorium.


"Alucard ! Alucard !"

"Ciao, Alucard ! Ciao !"

"Alucard ! Allora, mi donne tuoi spartiti per la pianista !!! Mi donne tuoi spartiti per favore !"


They prepared everything necessary for me for my performance in the Sunday Afternoon. One of their familly brought me to their home in order to rehearse twice and having pasta lunch together. In true, I should not wait for my performance too long.

After performing my program, I had been asked by the organizer of this music festival to play 3 minutes of an unaccompanied work by Johann Sebastian Bach on the evening concert and I agreed wih them, immediately.

And suddenly, within other pianists performances, the award ceremony had been begun. There, only my result was never announced, even after others' diploma awards. Anyway, I was awaiting for my next performance in the same evening.

On the stage of the Auditorium, I had been announced my Premio Speziale Intercultura award and one of the speakers gave me a bottle on the stage, as a part of their prizes.

Then, the final award ceremony had been begun with prizes, medals, trophies and diplomas, etc. on the prize table on the stage of the Auditorium. There, I had been called at the first among all of the musicians and finally announced my Second Prize with the diploma and the trophy award.  


"Alucard Leterme !! Alucard Leterme !!"

"Leterme Alucard !! Leterme Alucard !!"


The presenter of the concert shouted this name repeatedly within the enthusiastic and long applaused after each of my performances and the final award ceremony. So that made me being satisfied entirely.


"Alucard ! Complimenti !! Complimenti !!"

"Alucard ! Alla prossima voltà, si prega inviarmi tuoi spartiti al primo con tua iscrizione direttamente !"

"D'accord ! Facciamo cosi !"

"D'accord ! Facciamo cosi !" 











I'm the violinist Alucard Leterme, even you can never accept the facts, because they still want to call me Alucard Leterme.