30. Apr, 2018

III Festival Internazionale Città Murata 2018

Whether I came to Cittadella Italy via Padova or Vicenza, I was waiting for playing on III Festival Internazionale Città Murata 2018 in Cittadella in the end of this month. As the two of the convocations had been sent me for the both rehearsals and the public audition separatedly, I hurried to come there two days before those appointments.

As nobody found on 27 April 2018 at the venue Villa Rina in Cittadella (outside of the ancient round fort) and no accommodations found, I asked the library of Villa Rina for everything about this music festival and the person prepared all of my necessary things in Cittadella within less than one hour, before the closing time of the library (there, the elevator had been blocked even before the cloture time suddenly,  I don't know why).

The hot air in Cittadella never disturbed my violin playing during the both rehearsal and the audition at a kind of lodges-like-auditorium. Here's the program ;



III Festival Internazionale Città Murata 2018 (29 April 2018, Villa Rina Cittadella Italy)


Niccolò Paganini ; Violin Concerto No. 1 in D Major Op. 6, Second (Adagio) and Third (Rondo) Movements


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Accompanied by the official pianist of III Festival Internazionale Città Murata 2018



First of all, there were too few audience just before my audition. However, I immediately noticed that more audience came to listen me.

After the audition, a tall man came to me and we shaked hands without saying any simple words, at all. And the official pianist and the artistic director ran to catch me again to persuade me to rest at the lodges-like-auditorium during hours in order to listen "the people's opinion" on my performance at Villa Rina, but not further concert appointments, at all. I sincerely declined his suggestions and walked through the inside of the ancient round fort of Cittadella in the hot afternoon time.