10. Mar, 2018

5. Chursächsiche Meisterkurse

A reply E-mail of the result of admission to attend 5. Chursächsiche Meisterkurse ; Violin Masterclass by Professor Gerhard Schulz made me enough surprised because I was expecting as if I would be received "Leider nicht Nachricht" as usual in Germany. The compulsory repertory for the Violin Masterclass was one of the Violin Concertos by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart which was only the one I was not learning among the all of the first five, yet (whether you can agree with Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 6 or not yet).

Although the venue town Bad Elster looked like other Badestädt ; Bad Kissingen as "Bäderland", Sindelfingen (even the Spa Hause was becoming a music school for Violinstudien), Marienbad, etc., the atomosphere of the Masterclass was ultra calmer than the others (of course, I profitted this atomosphere, well).

Here's the program ;



5. Chursächsiche Meisterkurse / Violin Masterclass by Professor Gerhard Schulz (05 - 10 March 2018, Sonnenhof Bad Elster, Bad Elster Germany)


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ; Violin Concerto No. 2 KV211 whole movements (Cadenzas / Alucard Leterme)


Alucard Leterme, Violin

accompanied by official pianist of 5. Chursächsiche Meisterkurs / Violin Masterclass by Gerhard Schulz



Professor Gerhard Schulz' methods for playing this Violin Concerto No. 2 by Mozart were clearly and really classical. I followed all of his advices easily and also clearly and completed the my first learning of this Violin Concerto No. 2 by Mozart During his three violin lessons. In true, his Violin Masterclass had been finished today, one day before the expected ending date.


P. S. The arrival of the Masterclass Diploma (for me) of 5. Chursächsiche Meisterkurse by post made me really astonished just before going out in the evening on Saturday 17 March 2018. It also made me being at a little bit loss, whether to carry the Masterclass Diploma with me or back to my study to place it. Again thanks.