1. Jan, 2018

Frohe Neujahr / Happy New Year / Gelukkig Nieuwjaar / Buon Anno / Feliz Año Nuevo / Bonne Année

Rehearsal photo ; during the rehearsal for Premio Vincenzo Terenzio Concorso Musicale Internazionale Città di Cerignola at the Auditorium of Sporting Club (Cerignola FG Italy) on 06 December 2017. Left ; Alucard Leterme (Violin), Right ; Nicole Brancale (Piano)

Happy New Year 2018 and wish your Great New Year 2018.

The festival mood before, during and after playing on the Competition Winners Concert at Teatro Mercadante of Cerignola (Italy) continues until Christmas and even this New Year's Day. It yet surrounds me even also here in Germany. It was not too late to run to Brussels before Christmas and I had been on time to watch Silvester's long fireworks display in Germany, fortunately.

As I have the new concert program in this year, I can occupy myself not only with their perfections (but comfortably) but also other appearance opportunities already, before enjoying celebrating the Silvester's fireworks and the New Year's midnight moon, at the same time of those adjustments.

Watching my competition results during the last year ; 3 of Competition Winnings (1 Primo Premio Assoluto / 1 First Absolute Prize, 1 First Prize and 1 First Classificato / 1 First Classification), 1 of each of Second, Third and Fourth, and Premio Intercultura (Intercultural Prize) and some of the newest documents for coming music events hurry me with few of them which are already for the next year 2019 (!!). Therefore, I need the newest diary for the next year, already.