3. Sep, 2017

Kammermusik am Hafen Festival / Stars von Morgen

It was during the previous rehearsals in Johannes Brahms Konservatorium (JBK) before this Summer Vacation, my accompanist and Piano Professor Irina Kolesnikova told me about a Violin Masterclass by Professor Alexandre Brussilovsky in Hamburg which would be held from end of this August until the beginning of this September. However, it was not at neither concert hall of Alfred Schnittke Akademie International (ASAI) / Förderverein Alfred Schnittke Akademie nor in the framework of Violino Virtuoso Concert Series in Hamburg, as usual. 

Since I was also searching for more violin studying opportunities for my recent violin concerto repertories in order to not to perform self-taught program on public except world premieres or ad-hoc improvisative performance, I sometimes thought (or wished ?) at the same time ;

"If I could play also at HafenCity, as I'm in Hamburg.. (?)"

after listening Professor Brussilovsky's concert at HCU (HafenCity Universität Hamburg) in 2015 (during his Violin Masterclass at ASAI). As I suddenly heard ;

"Your wish will be fulfilled only once !"

just before beginning Kammermusik am Hafen Festival in Hamburg, those of my wishing list (included above one) had been fulfilled and they began from unexpected but happy calling by Professor Brussilovsky. Here are the programs ;


Stars von Morgen / Kammermusik am Hafen Festival Concert (02 September 2017, Holcim Auditorium of HCU / HafenCity Universität Hamburg, Germany)

Erich Wolfgang Korngold : Violin Concerto in D major Op. 35 First Movement


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Irina Loskova, Piano


Kammermusik am Hafen Festival / Violin Masterclass by Professor Alexandre Brussilovsky (29 August 2017 - 02 September 2017, HCU / HafenCity Universität Hamburg, Germany)


Erich Wolfgang Korngold : Violin Concerto in D major Op. 35 whole movements


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Irina Loskova, Piano



Kammermusik am Hafen Festival had 6 Gesprächkonzerte (titled Concert Series with talking show by the Organizer - Cellist M. Fjodor Elesin), Violin Masterclass by Professor Brussilovsky and Singing Masterclass by Professor Olga Romanko for soloist musicians. I was happy when Professor called me how to meet and determine our appointments at his concert on 28 August 2017. In true, I listend all the both of his chamber music concerts "Les Protagonistes" and "Brahmsiade" at Holcim Auditorium of HCU. All of the programs were hyper rich, strong and ultra beautiful to listen entirely.

Professor Brussilovsky gave me the great facility to play Violin Concerto by Korngold. Certain difficult passages became unique melodies immediately and we worked whole movements during too short times during this music festival.

"Stars von Morgen", my appeared concert is the last one of Kammermusik am Hafen Festival's Concert Series and only it was the concert for solo performances of violinists (included me) and 6 singers. There, I felt as if I were singing with my violin. As the vibratos can always be accompanied during the violin performances, I began hearing the variations of my vibratos in details during this concert performance, as if my violin sounds were my singing voice in the gentle stage of a dream and Ms. Irina Loskova accompanied me very finely for example, I heard her played big arpeggi parts (harp parts) as if it were the real grand harp's sounds (!).

"Bravo !"

From the center of a round of applause, a woman in red gave me a neat and cute white japanesque bouquet, immediately after the end of playing the last note of the 1st Movement of Violin Concerto by Korngold with Mozart Rocket.

It was very gentle, nich and happy but too short time in HafenCity. Indeed, it was too short. Professor Brussilovsky gave me more advices to how to practice after this concert and we wished to meet again, whether in Hamburg or Hourtin or other cities.