11. Aug, 2017

Les Musicales d'Assy

I came to Passy from Brussels (not from Hamburg only for this time) via Lyon Part Dieu (not via Paris-Nord) by TGV trains. Changing trains in Bellegarde and Annemasse to Sallanches-Combloux-Megère (one of the nearest train station to Passy) did not make me being confused to miss one of them, even I experienced bit bizzare train changing in Annemasse ; I went out from the previous train to walk to the next train, there the same equipment told me with pointing the same previous one as the next train to Sallanches-Combloux-Megère. In this time, I could not find the traffic connections via Saint-Gervais le Fayet as another nearest station to Passy.

In true, I was in Brussels before and after Passy (Plateau d'Assy Area) to prepare myself and run again to Atelier of Maestro Antoni Jassogne.

Musicians of Les Musicales d'Assy or Violon Lunaire (organizer group of Les Musicales d'Assy) welcomed me very simpatically and we came to Passy by car after small pause in a modern and beautiful cabane house. This time, the hôtelier gave me another room (which was separated from other rooms) with the key as my practice room during entire period of my short staying for Violin Masterclass of Les Musicales d'Assy. Mont Blanc accompanied me completely during the entire fine days and rainy days in Plateau d'Assy.

Professor Alexis Galpérine told me that he could give me two more violin lessons than the first expected duration of the Masterclass Program and we agreed each other to extend this Violin Masterclass, immediately. Actually, I attended four of his violin lessons as his Violin Masterclass in the framework of Les Musicales d'Assy.

Here's the program ;


Les Musicales d'Assy / Contemporary Violin Music Masterclass by Alexis Galpérine (06 - 09 August 2017, Cinéma du Plateau d'Assy during 06 - 08 August 2017 and Presbytère for 09 August 2017, Passy Plateau d'Assy Area France)


Béla Bartók / Sonata for Solo Violin (Yehudi Menuhin Edition) ; Tempo di Ciaccona and Fuga


Alucard Leterme, Violin (unaccompanied violin solo)



As it was Violin Masterclass for contemporary violin music repertories without piano accompaniment, I brought him this sonata. Although I was having other contemporary solo violin repertories which were less difficult than this sonata, I was attracted by this sonata to "how to read and play" it, at the same time of recent concert programs (works by Saint=Saëns, Vivaldi, Paganini, etc.).

I was really impressed by the new fingerings and bowings by Professor Galpérine which gave me immediate and great facility of playing the first two movements of the Sonata by Bartók. Although he told me "C'est l'idée de Monsieur Menuhin, pas Monsieur Galpérine" repeatedly during entire lessons, his new fingerings and bowings were ultra efficient as "parce que j'ai joué cette sonata beaucoup de fois !" with his great smile. Indeed, he's wonderful and I wish to continue to work and study this sonate with him.

Only the fourth day's lesson (the last day of this Violin Masterclass) had been held at Presbytère (behind the Église de Plateau d'Assy) due to cloture of the Cinéma de Plateau d'Assy and we arrived at the last note of Fuga, the second movement of the Solo Violin Sonata by Bartók. There, I really understood Professor Galpérine's concepts and musical ideas for the interpretations and I'm sure that I acquired the realizations of the two movements of the Sonata.

During this Masterclass, I also listened his conference-concert at Église du Plateau d'Assy on 06 August 2017 and a chamber music concert "Le Couleur du Temps" on 08 August 2017 (for Sonata and Quartet). Professor Galpérine performed the second movement "Sicilienne" of Concerto for Violin with Piano Quintet by Ernst Chausson twice very beautifully and nicely, once for the concert and once again for the encore.

To trip back to Brussels, Frédérique (the moderator of the concert series of Les Musicales d'Assy) strongly adviced me to call him or Violon Lunaire's before the departure to bring me to Sallanches-Combloux-Megère Station, even there were Cars (the name of the local busses) once per each two hours (as it was the first visit, I was associating the case in Camaiore Italy in two years ago). I departed with Frédérique's car and went back to Brussels smoothly and comfortably.