25. Jul, 2017

Geras Klingt / Orchesterkonzert "Der Sommer" am Stift Geras

Concert photo ; curtain call of Geras Klingt "Der Sommer" Orchesterkonzert at Stift Geras (Geras Austria) on 23 July 2017. Soloists (from left) ; Soley Blümel (Piano), Milana Nosek (Piano), Darya List (Violin), Sayoko Akimoto (Piano) and Alucard Leterme (Violin), Conductor (Right) ; Robert Lehrbaumer, Vienna International Orchestra

The second week of AMA Session began with the meeting with Maestro Robert Lehrbaumer and other soloists or his pupils who were playing on concerts or auditions exclusively in Stift Altenburg (!). I and Maestro Lehrbaumer began checking my interpretations and precisions in L'Estate = Summer Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi with discussion of how to realize the singing birds' passages in the first movement within two of lessons with his piano accompaniments and two of rehearsals with Vienna International Orchestra (VIO).

However, the AMA Office told me that nobody can take me neither to Horn nor Vienna nor Rosenburg on the date of my previous check out on 24 July 2017, but they also told me very sympatically that they can take me to Vienna directly just after the concert at Stift Geras on 23 July 2017. 

During approximately three hours of the second rehearsals before going to Geras, the AMA Office Team began closing their office and they were moving their equipments into their cars. I also put my affaires into one of their cars and departed from Stift Altenburg.

Suddenly, Valentin, the driver (one of the AMA Office Team members) had been called and he raged (by phone) at that only Maestro Lehrbaumer was left behind at the entrance of Stift Altenburg with his concert costume.

I (Alucard) ; "Dann, gehen wir wieder zurück nach Stift Altenburg ?"

Valentin ; "Ich weiß nicht !!!"

And we immediately found alone Maestro Lehrbaumer with his costume in front of the entrance of Stift Altenburg. Indeed, all other cars of AMA concerned members were already departed and we were asking ourselves ;

"Who normally should take him to Geras ?"

repeatedly until our actual arrival at Stift Geras.

Here's the program ;


Geras Klingt / Orchesterkonzert "Der Sommer" (23 July 2017, Stift Geras Marmor Saal, Geras Austria)


Antonio Vivaldi ; L'Estate / Sommer Concerto Op. 8 RV315


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Robert Lehrbaumer, Conductor

Vienna International Orchestra



The Raccord (final short rehearsal with acoustic test), taking soloist photos, watching selling dessin works, catalogue books, and antique furnitures, switching to costume had been done within less than one hour, even I was feeling as if it were taking more than several hours. My performance of L'Estate (Summer Concerto) by Vivaldi began just after the pause and short introduction by Maestro Lehrbaumer. This time, the venue was having a wide width and very luminous. I was feeling fresh and open air, even within the fully crowded audiences. Since being the soloist of a Season (from the Four Seasons / Le Quattro Stagioni / Die Vier Jahreszeiten) by Vivaldi, I escalate myself to realize the musical expressions (or interpretations) with orchestra(s) in each round and all of them were succeeded. This time, three times of my standing ovation was not enough to be calmed immediately for the rest of the program.

After this concert, I also attended the midnight reception. There, Maestro Lehrbaumer issued me the AMA Masterclass Diploma. He told me that although the diploma should be awarded after the end of another AMA cloture concert on 22 July 2017 in the restauraut in Stift Altenburg (I did not attend there because I was not one of the performers on 22 July 2017), it should not be the justification not to issue me the Masterclass Diploma. I thanked him many times for those two weeks and I departed to Vienna in the raining midnight.