25. Jul, 2017

Halbturner Schloßkonzert 2017 / Orchestergala an Kirche Halbturn

Concert photo ; curtain call of Halbturner Orchestergalakonzert at Kirche Halbturn (Church, Halbturn Austria) on 15 July 2017, in the framework of Halbturn Schloßkonzerte. Soloists (from left) ; Minami Kagusa (Piano), Philipp Rhein (Piano) and Alucard Leterme (Violin), Conductor (right) ; Robert Lehrbaumer, Vienna International Orchestra

Since after attending Wiener Musikseminar 2014, I received some informations of AMA = Altenburger Musik Akademie and since 2015 I was having contact with AMA office. Once my registration troubled them, once their offer troubled me and, we agreed each other to realize two weeks of Masterclass Session "Solo & Orchester" this year finally, thanks to their unbelievably beautiful offer ; performing Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille Saint=Saëns Op. 28 at Kirche Halbturn and L'Estate = Sommer Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi Op. 8 RV315 at Stift Geras with VIO = Vienna International Orchestra (for both, of course) after "Solo & Orchester" Masterclass by the AMA Artistic Director and the Conductor of Vienna International Orchestra Professor Robert Lehrbaumer. Here's the program of the first concert ;


Halbturner Schloßkonzert 2017 / Orchestergala (15 July 2017, Kirche Halbturn, Halbturn Austria)


Camille Saint=Saëns ; Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Robert Lehrbaumer, Conductor

Vienna International Orchestra



The AMA 2017's venue is Stift Altenburg, there Maestro / Professor Robert Lehrbaumer gave me twice of Masterclass Lessons with his own piano accompaniments before twice of rehearsals with VIO, in order to adjust my interpretations with his orchestra conducting with detailled perfection requirements. During these lessons and sessions, I simply surprised and impressed to his precise instructions for realizing each detailled phrase interpretations in his piano accompaniments. 

Two rehearsals with VIO had been at Auersperg Palais in Vienna, instead of Stift Altenburg. As Vienna is just between Altenburg and the first concert venue Kirche Halbturn (Church), we went to Halbturn directly after the second rehearsal. Although I don't live in Austria alone yet, I never have been lost myself on Viennese streets because I was knowing some places already since my childhood and I sometimes come to Vienna to give concerts and attend some violin lessons. Tripping from Hamburg to Altenburg (outskirt of Horn) was not too difficult, even I don't know whether the nearest city of Altenburg is Vienna or Sankt Pölten, yet.

The concert had been ausgebucht and I was ready to perform Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille Saint=Saëns with VIO and Maestro Lehrbaumer. Simply saying, I just performed as all what I wanted to interpretate in Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Saint=Saëns on the stage of Kirche Halbturn with following all of advices of Maestro Lehrbaumer. Then, I was in the center of roaring long applauses.

After ending this concert, I had been invited to dinner party in the restaurant in Schloß Halbturn as the soloist violinist. Before going to there, I had been explained that Flemish Government Officials came to the concert and they showed other guests a part of my competition winning history during the dinner party. I was tasting them happily and reminding what I was doing more, little by little. 

Before midnight, I and Maestro Lehrbaumer yet rest in the restaurant and he introduced me the major part of the AMA organizers. They readily allowed me to listen their making histories not only about AMA but also Vienna Golden Hall of Musikverein and other major venues until being asked to close the midnight restaurant by the owner, then we returned to Stift Altenburg in witching hour.