15. Jun, 2017

XX Concorsi Internazionali di Musica della Val Tidone

Since beginning of this year (mostly), I was longing and waiting for playing on XX Concorsi Internazionali di Musica della Val Tidone and my wish had been fulfilled also this time. Before coming to Pianello Val Tidone (the competition venue), I was confusing as if this Music Competition were one of the French Competition due to the city name. Fortunately, the competition venue in Pianello Val Tidone and the nearest and official hotel in La Gatta which was situated just after the border of Castel S. Giovanni (the nearest train station of the hotel and the competition venue) seemed to be not too far from Milano (Linate ; the nearest airport) and Piacenza (stopover before Castel S. Giovanni and the scheduled venue for the Concerto dei Vincitore of XX Concorsi Internazionali di Musica della Val Tidone) from Google Map. However, as the Competition office prepared selling a kind of "service cards" for the hotel reservation and the shuttle bus among Pianello Val Tidone, La Gatta and Piacenza, Pianello Val Tidone was much farther than Castel S. Giovanni (the nearest train station) from La Gatta. I didn't buy this "service card (in my case it was called full card)" and it had been discarded. At least, it took more than 45 minutes but less than one hour from Castel S. Giovanni to the official hotel of the competition in La Gatta by night foot due to absence of taxies and busses. The gentle curb of the main street (?) before La Gatta caused me a kind of illusion in thick grass ; it was much smaller than I was seeing or feeling. 

When I was panicked on the street (before the border of La Gatta - Castel S. Giovanni), the number of the official hotel of the Competition in La Gatta was not valid and the hotelier of another one which I was staying in Caramanico Terme previously replied and encouraged me. I heared that my absence calls to the competition staffs and its official hotel in La Gatta were connected to the hotel of Caramanico Terme several times, I don't know why. After this conversation, I began walking back to the small Piazza (before the grass road area). It was in front of a house one before the last three vacant houses at the border, a person explained me how to go to the hotel clearly and I could arrive at there, finally.

There were at least two buildings of Comune di Pianello Val Tidone ; the new theater building as the competition office and the old building where I played. The official pianist rejected my accompaniments for 2nd Mvt. of Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major by Niccolò Paganini Op. 6 (due to duration limits) and Sonata No. 2 in e-flat minor by Flint Juventino Beppe Op. 56. He also lied as if I were not paying neither registration fee of the competition nor the accompanist's fee and he was not knowing how to play the piano (!) hysterically in front of me, one of the competition secretaries at the old building of Comune di Pianello Val Tidone and other Japanese competitors. As its conclusion, the competition office explained me their severe causes or situations and refunded me the accompanist's fee after the verification of my registration status on the place, together. And the Competition Jury granted me immediately to change my competition program completely to 3 movements of Partita No. 2 in d minor by Johann Sebastian Bach BWV1004 (for unaccompanied violin solo), after the urgent discussion between the Jury and the chief secretary in front of me.

Just after playing on my Competition at the old building of Comune, I had been told "Don't think to play also at Conservatorio di Piacenza, Alucard !" during lunch time in Pianello Val Tidone. In true, the Award Ceremony and the Winners' Concert had been held at the same room of Comune di Pianello Val Tidone (not the new communal theater building but ancient one in a small square) instead of Conservatorio di Piacenza, immediately after the award ceremony in the afternoon of the same day. There, I had been awarded 3. Class. (written result name on my competition diploma) with the Medal Award. However, I had been celebrated in front of the audiences unbelievably warmly with unbelievable long and big applause and I felt as if something hauting me had been left.

When I just went out by the competition venue, a woman came just in front of me and panicked by a glance at myself or my Competition Diploma ;

"Scusa, Sir ! Dov'è hai ricevuto questa diploma ?!"


"Signola, lei aveva la terza class. La premiazione ha stata lì, giusta. Ha anche vinto ? Però, ha stato adesso finita e ora è troppo tardo per Lei." 

Another woman replied her instead of me, calmly and gently. The panicked woman ran into there and no longer I don't know her consequences.

I yet wonder why this competition had not been held at the nearest hotel where I was staying because all of us could not find other hotels in Pianello Val Tidone, Piacenza, Castel S. Giovanni or La Gatta (this hotel was situated just after the entrance of La Gatta from Castel S. Giovanni).