5. Jun, 2017

XVI Concorso Musicale Internazionale "Paolo Barrasso"

From the next morning of the Award Ceremony of IX Concorso Internazionale di Esecuzione Musicale Città di Airola, I immediately came to Caramanico Terme (Pescara Region). Before this tripping, I was troubled about the preparation in Germany due to too many line crossings and false informations of accommodations in each destination town, especially to Caramanico Terme (after Airola), recently. However, I surely heard "Alucard, ......... (actual existed hotel name) !" twice even in the severely-crossed lines and I could finally prepare for my competition trip also to Caramanico Terme. 

My arrival in Caramanico Terme had been welcomed not only by staffs but also a small female bat "Paola". She was flying in a corridor, especialy in front of my room. This bat was very sympatic to me and she tried enterring in my room from a too small aperture between the door and my violin case. I wondered where the other bats were because I remind a past dream of this hotel (which I saw in this February ?), there there were at least 4 bats flying in the hotel passages. 

In Caramanico Terme, I participated in XVI Concorso Musicale Internazionale "Paolo Barrasso". This competition had been held at Parco delle Terme of Caramanico Terme instead of Chiesa San Domenico which was also called "Auditorium San Domenico" as one of the main concerts venues in Caramanico Terme. There, every competitor included me performed as "Esibizione" in front of many audiences. Once I performed on the stage of Parco delle Terme, I was waiting for my result until the final award ceremony on 04 June 2017.

The award ceremony was crowded with many competitors and gallery until the outside of the hall building. I had been awarded the Primo Classificato (First Classification ; written result name on my competition diploma) with the Golden Medal Award in the end of the ceremony with the great applause. After ending the ceremony, my stayed hotel prepared a course dinner for this celebration.

"Alucard ! Are you number one ?!"

"Si, ho vinto."

"Congratulations, Alucard ! Number One ! .....Mmmmm (with reading my diploma), it's not bad at all ! Caramanico in the World !! (with watching my Golden Medal) Wow!! How nice it is !!!"


The Chef brought me all dishes together because the midnight was almost coming. Only I was in the night restaurant and satisfied for everything ; the result(s), award(s), dinner, staying and accommodations, trippings, etc. It was about my 9th competition winning....

During staying in Caramanico Terme, San Domenico was always closed when I visited. I had been warned not to take the entrance photo nor climb on the entrance stairs, in order to avoid unwanted disasters. And nobody concerned to the Competition neither visited nor talked about San Domenico in Parco delle Terme at all, as far as I know. During this short staying in Caramanico, I literally "envisionned (?)" a completely dark, vertically long and very deep solid building-like box. At its bottom, yet enough shallow but magma was waving and I shocked.