26. Jan, 2017

The Bridge

This month, I'm still planning how to combinate my wishing list (alias my personal purposes during concert performances including realizations of my original violin works) with my actual schedules from this year because the number of my wising list is increasing enough rapidly and they seem to be not impossible for the current me, already.

My Hatsumode = New Year's first arrival at Johannes Brahms Konservatorium in Hamburg is done, there I told my recent brief news about what I was realizing (concerts, Masterclasses, etc.) with listening my newest to do list in Hamburg, for this year. Also Chinese New Year alias Ko-Shogatsu had been passed well.

My recent Airplay plannings are also favorable ; my concert recordings monopolized #1 ~ #3 of Top 100 N1M Charts "Classical in Germany" again for the fifth time. Here are the internal links to listen and watch them (hope I'm not Vegecian yet) ;


Niccolò Paganini : Capriccio / Caprice No. 17 in E-flat Major Op. 1


Alucard Leterme, Violin (unaccompanied solo)


Video Vers. ; Paganini Op.1 No.17 / Audio Vers. ; Paganini Op.1 No.17


Niccolò Paganini - Giuseppe Arnaboldi : Cantabile in D Major for Violin and Orchestra


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Fernando Romano, Conductor

Orfeo Stillo Orchestra


Video Vers. ; Paganini Cantabile / Audio Vers. ; Paganini Cantabile


Johann Sebastian Bach : Doppelkonzert / Double Concerto in d minor BWV1043 2nd Mvt.


Alucard Leterme, and Giuseppe Arnaboldi, Violins

Fernando Romano, Conductor

Orfeo Stillo Orchester


Video Vers. ; Bach Doppel 2nd Mvt. / Audio Vers. ; Bach Doppel 2nd Mvt.



On 23 January 2017, I also became Rank #1 in N1M Germany Classical at the same time of being Global Rank #4 ~ #5 in N1M Classical with N1M Classical Genre Charts in Hamburg and Berlin, and Rank #1 in The REVERBNATION Classical Charts for Hamburg and Berlin, etc.

.... I noticed right now that it is already end of this month with writing this. Hope I can realize many things with fulfilling my wishes also during this year.