12. Nov, 2016

November Best Hits

Photo : Golden Medal (verso) of Alucard Leterme at XIII Concorso Internatzionale Giovani Musicisti Città di Paola "Premio San Francesco di Paola", wun on 08 November 2015 in Paola Italy (check also Winning Prizes for prize awards of Alucard Leterme ).

It is the first time that I had been announced that I became #2 for Top 100 N1M Charts "Classical in Germany" with Concerto No. 3 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (thank you very much !!!) on the day of anniversary of one of my main violin Professors Toshiya Eto, one day after the first anniversary of my second First Absolute Prize winning at XIII Concorso Internazionale Giovani Musicisti Città di Paola "Premio S. Francesco di Paola". It is real "Überraschung (good surprise without any sarcasms, at all)" because I could never imagine any kind of "best hit charts" for classical music, especially violin music before this announcement. I'm so happy now.

Here's the internal links to listen them ;


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Violin Concerto No. 3 "Strassburg" KV216 (1st Mvt.)


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Savaria Symphonieorchester, conducted by one of the pupils of Martin Sieghart


Video vers. ; Mozart KV216 1st Mvt / Audio vers. ; Mozart KV216 1st Mvt



Today is the 5th anniversary of my first international competition winning ; my 1st Prize at XIX International Music Competition "Premio Vittoria Caffa Righetti" at San Francesco Church of Cortemilia (outskirts of Genoa and Torino). The first prize diploma is always on the wall of my living room.

It was just after finishing PG in Brussels that I was suffering for various reasons (not legal questions) ; how to begin PhD, what to continue, where to go "weiter", how to win the first First Prize among international music competitions, how to increase or add my concert performances, etc. It was (I think) mostly noon of 12 November 2011 (foggy, very dark and cold day) that I felt as if I were gotten out from wall-like something which was dark and thick and continuing endlessly. How long did I suffer for the first winning among international music competitions ? It was not necessary to hurry winning before being 16 years old and how I could imagine that I began living in Germany after few months later of it ?

The more I win, the more I deserve my prizes. Yet I cannot be bored for them, at all.