15. Oct, 2016

Blackmore's International Music Academy in Berlin

After some of artistic coordinations I had an opportunity to attend Violin Masterclass by Concertmaster of Wiener Philharmoniker Professor Rainer Küchl in Berlin (not in Vienna, unbelievably). As I was also studying with Ex. Concertmaster of Wiener Philharmoniker Professor Erich Binder by personal / private lessons but in a professional recording studio of Vienna and I also earned three of Solo Violin Masterclass Diplomas by Professor Elisabeth Kropfitsch (2012), Professor Jan Pospichal (2012) and Maestro Martin Sieghart (2014) in Vienna and Baden (because Maestro Sieghart awarded me the Masterclass Soloist Diploma after playing Violin Concerto No. 3 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with Savaria Symphonieorchester at Festsaal Casino Baden on 26 July 2014 ; Mozart Strassburg), I sometimes think how to produce my violin playing more in Vienna (or in Austria) at the same time of making my demo-recordings for unaccompanied solo works with C-ARTS of Vienna (check Bach Sarabanda Demo for example), what the "Wienerstil" is (it doesn't mean "the simplest style" but clear, precise, brillant but enough deep....), and how to be as enthusiastic as possible for the violin playing, music itself or.... (?) Anyway, I could not miss it in this month in Berlin (Germany).

The violinistic and musical preferences in each country are definitively different, especially between recent violin performance styles in Vienna and in which I had been trained in Belgium and from Ex. President Toho Gakuen University for Music Professor Toshiya Eto and his spouse Ex. Guest Professor Angela Eto. However, such difference does never mean any oppositions among them, at all. Anyway, thinking "in" music (to perform better) is always important for us, as well as Professor Küchl told, told, and told me during this time. Anyway, here's the program ;


Blackmore's International Music Academy / International Violin Masterclass by Professor Rainer Küchl (10 - 15 October 2016, Blackmore's Berlins Musikzimmer, Berlin Germany)


Sergei Prokofiev : Violin Concerto No. 2 in g minor Op. 63 1st Mvt.


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Sergej Filioglo, Piano Accompaniment



First of all, I and Professor Küchl encountered hyper difficulty of rather program choice than a kind of differences of our "Violin Schools", even M. Dylan Blackmore asked me "Was spielen Sie dieses Mal, Naoko?" with his very sympatic smile during our first meeting on 10 October 2016. Many anonymous advices of goodwill (how to bring Concertos by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Jean Sibelius or Anton Dvorak... etc. to Professor Rainer Küchl) could not be realized because all of researched choices had been already taken by his other but confidential pupils, so that made me to bring him this violin concerto by Sergei Prokofiev ; my only self-taught violin concerto among my major repertories "to an international Violin Masterclass in Berlin (Deutschland)", even I already played it once at an auditorium in an outskirt of Paris (there I completely forgot to receive my live recording from their agency.. By the way, why there are enough many "Volkshochschule" like music schools which are situated in German spa - like glassed-in buildings ?). ....there, can I more be delighted with taking its first lessons by Professor Küchl finally, 9 years after of its first playing in France....? Anyway, no longer I have self-taught violin repertories, anymore and currently.

Although both of us can use Japanese well, we worked together in Österreicher (it is German in Austrian style which is little bit similar to Bayerisch but also lighter than it) with mixing some French words as usual and saluted mostly in Japanese. Professor Küchl has various characters (more than dual) during four of his hyper stern / rigid lessons. He adviced me for quasi each phrase how to perform ideally, technically and interpretably with his deep thoughts in music.

Suddenly, he began showing me his interpretations of Sciliano from Solo Sonata No. 1 (3rd Mvt.), Andante from Solo Sonata No. 2 (3rd Mvt.), and Largo from Solo Sonata No. 3 (3rd Mvt.) by Johann Sebastian Bach at the end of our first lesson on 11 October 2016. He also demanded me suddenly to change my program for his Masterclass to one of them instead of Second Violin Concerto by Prokofiev from the next lesson on 13 October 2016. Although I love and often play "Sei Soli" by Johann Sebastian Bach as one of my important unaccompanied solo violin repertories (especially I was also studying Partita No. 1 with Professor Yair Kless this year, in art-academic researching style), I brought him exclusively Prokofiev until his last lesson of today (from 11 o'clock) without my justifications in order to avoid more confusion between us and serious lack of my preparation, even I agreed it with him once. Fortunately we completed our first but hyper intensive workings for the first movement of Second Violin Concerto by Prokofiev with piano accompaniment by M. Sergej Filioglo (thank you very much for your accompaniments at Blackmore's) and we rather developped how to interpretate it more easily and continued its perfection.

Unfortunately, Violin Masterclass by Professor Rainer Küchl at Blackmore's had been completed today (not tomorrow), due to his schedules in Vienna. I thanked Professor Küchl simply, and we saluted in Zen Mode (I learned what Zen is rather at IMEP in Namur / Namen Belgium than Tokyo Japan) ;


Rainer Küchl    "Otsukaresamadeshita"

I (Alucard Leterme)    "Arigato gozaimasu"