26. Sep, 2016

September Steps

After completeng last Violin Masterclass by Professor Yair Kless in Berlin, I and Price Rubin & Partners extended our contract for "Sponsored Concert Program" as soloist violinist with orchestra. I'm always looking forward to realize nice concerts with Price Rubin & Partners.

In this month I was also tripping in Brussels for some plannings with or without talking about the newest Masterclass Catalogs in Berlin and Vienna (it's added !). Some of violinists among my recent acquaintances in Hamburg were confused as if they were cellists I don't know why, whether people also confuses about my job or not. Some of closed music institutes announce their new music projects with or without recent achievements, whether those are true or wrong. A private foreign romantic language school organizes Music Masterclasses Series in the framework of cooperations between two or three different countries, whether they can provide a concert hall, piano, rehearsal room, etc.

Recently, I'm irresolute if I will visit to Vienna for some music projects or not yet. From this Summer one of the major organizations in Vienna missed me finally for a project. Although I called their office in Vienna during business hours in order to secure our projects, they were completely absent (they didn't have summer vacation during this summer). However, I found their new president wandering on the streets in Biel / Bienne (Switzerland) several times during business hours of weekdays after playing La Campanella by Niccolò Paganini with Budweis Philharmonic Orchestra (on 10 July 2016) ! He was rather closing to me than running from me (?), whether I wasn't noticing him for calling to his office in Vienna from Biel / Bienne Switzerland (!) or I was having dinner in a restaurant !! He, however, told me nothing, even their business wesite and their contact methods were still available for the communications. Otherwise in Vienna is still fine, so that I can contact or communicate with the rest of them.

(Attention ; I'm not paralyzed at all !!!!!!!!)

There, I'm bit obsessed with checking each of them, there I feel as if I were running from somebody (living) who annonymously chasing me I don't know why, whether they're ally or not. But I don't yet find those causes in my current surroundings in Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, etc.

However, it is probably normal that many informations of recent musical activities are more intricated than before because the sourses of those informations especially for classical music and modern music are still limited. I use several handy languages for my searching because the number of online informations are rather decreasing than before now, either I don't know why.

At least, it is certain that I play the violin on my concerts.