10. Sep, 2016

Blackmore's International Music Academy in Berlin

Since last November I began attending the Violin Masterclasses by Professor Yair Kless (and also his son Professor Eyal Kless but only once in their Violinstudien of SMTT / Schule für Musik, Theater und Tanz Sindelfingen in this February 2016) after my long wishing for years and this time I finally attended his 6th Violin Masterclass at Blackmore's International Music Academy (IMA) at Blackmore's Berlins Musikzimmer of Berlin thanks to sudden information by M. Dylan Blackmore in last month (this Summer I could not attend his Masterclass at Mozarteum Salzburg due to other concert appointments). Here's the program for Blackmore's IMA ;


Blackmore's International Music Academy / International Violin Masterclass by Professor Yair Kless (05 - 10 September 2016, Blackmore's Berlins Musikzimmer, Berlin Germany)


Mario Castelnuovo=Tedesco : Violin Concerto No. 2 "I Profetti" 3rd Mvt.


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Sergej Filioglo, Piano Accompaniment



Whether my preparations for "I Profetti" was enough or not for this masterclass, I could play it with piano accompaniment by M. Sergej Filioglo during the three of four lessons by Professor Yair Kless (once without piano accompaniment due to detailled mechanical instructions by each passage or phrase). How could I imagine myself who play "I Profetti" with shoulder rest with Professor Kless' edited violin solo part before getting my score in the beginning of last year?

After my fourth lesson by Professor Kless (and it was the ultimate individual solo lesson of this Masterclass), he also gave a collective course / lecture for the left hand technology which was based on the theory of "Die Kunst des Violinspiels / The Art of Violin Playing" by Carl Flesch. His scientific explications were very clear to understand without any misunderstandings and I could immediately memorize all of his advices in order to adjust my daily violin exercises.

I also accept any kind of results of any music events which I attended, even only I had been exempted awarding prizes or diplomas or legal results, etc. in front of all others. This is why I could not like neither waiting time nor the moment of the result deliverations during Masterclasses, International and National Music Competitions, Exams or Auditions, etc., egoistically. Here and therefore, I confess that I was really misunderstanding Professor Yair Kless even I was attending 7 of his Masterclasses ; I had been awarded his Masterclass Soloist Diploma. This Masterclass Soloist Diploma award at Blackmore's International Music Academy / Berlins Musikzimmer would be the second time after the first Masterclass Soloist Diploma award by President Beethoven Gesellschaft Professor Tomasz Tomaszewski on 23 January 2016.

This time, M. Dylan Blackmore was taking lots of photographies including me during the end of this Masterclass. I was getting stalled between the stage and the audience seats because I had been ordered by Professor Yair Kless "to take my Masterclass Soloist Diploma in front of the stage" at the same time of "to come on the stage with him to take the memorial photos together". I was at the first to be taken the last memorial photo with Professor Kless and it was the first time after completion of 7 Masterclass by Professor Kless. Then, I had been told "Go away." on the stage but also "Á la prochaine fois (See you next time).".