16. Aug, 2016

Vivaldi Autunno / Otoño / Autumn with Orquestra de Cámera Galega in Santiago de Compostela

This extract of the concert painting photo had been cited from La Opinión A Coruña "Orquestra de Cámera Galega / Atardecer no Gaiás" for the concert with Orquestra de Cámera Galega at Gidade da Cultura de Galicia of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) on 13 August 2016. Soloist Violinist : Alucard Leterme, Director-Concertino : Rogelio Groba Otero, Orquestra de Cámera Galega

Since 19 May 2016 I had been selected for one of the eight soloists with orchestra for Festival Groba 2016 in Ponteareas and my first concert as soloist with orchestra in Spain would be on 13 August 2016 for Autumn Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi with Orquestra de Cámera Galega in Santiago de Compostela.

Although choosing the flight connections from Hamburg to Vigo (the nearest airport to Ponteareas) for this time were hyper difficult due to combination with return trip from Vigo to Hamburg which took more than 24 hours I don't know why, I found very few of, but the most reasonable flight connections, finally.

During Festival Groba in Ponteareas all of eight soloists are perfecteted by Professor Emmanuele Baldini at Conservatorio Profesional de Ponteareas with very efficient advices until 11 August 2016, there we could also work for another repertories (when we had time). I worked Autumn Concerto and extracts of Spring Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi, and first movement of the First Violin Cocnerto by Niccolò Paganini with Professor Baldini. Here's the program of the concert ;


"Atardecer no Gaiás" Orquestra de Cámera Galega Concert at Cidade da Cultura de Galicia (Saturday 13 August 2016, Santiago de Compostela Spain)


Antonio Vivaldi : Autunno / Autumn Concerto Op. 8 RV293


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Rogelio Groba Otero, Director-Concertino

Orquestra de Cámera Galega 



Lots of the audiences completely filled Cidade da Cultura de Galicia and I really could play the role of "L'Unbriaco/-chi = the Drunkard/s" maximally. I was deeply playing the second movement with the deep improvisation of the harpsichord for the role of Sleeping Drunkards and sudden dynamicities of the hunting in the third movement. We didn't need any liquors on 13 August 2016 evening in Santiago. Orquestra de Cámera Galega is really nice orchestra, there I played with them really comfortably without any kind of tentions. Unstoppable applause for three times of my curtain calls made my feeling completely as if this concert weren't finish yet, even today. There are no doubts of my wish to play with Orquestra de Cámera Galega again, not only once again but even more.

It was not necessary to see the sea from Ponteareas even in approximately 40 ℃ air in daytime thanks to Spanish natural cool air in every evening (and also good air conditionnings especially at the Auditorium) and the other concert programs which I also went to listen the excellent works by the composer Maestro Rogelio Groba with Orquestra de Cámera Galega and the performances by Professor Emmanuele Baldini were very nice, beautiful and really comfortable to listen. However, the night dense fog suddenly covered our cars (to Ponteareas) from the midnight just after my concert during return trip from Santiago to Ponteareas, as if I and the orchestra called it by playing Autunno / Autumn by Vivaldi. Nobody was scare of the fog and I was feeling rather that my return trip to Ponteareas were protected from something really unknown.