12. Jul, 2016

Paganini "La Campanella" in Biel / Bienne

After playing Concerto by Tchaikovsky in Budapest, I immediately went to Bienne / Biel (Switzerland) without taking a too short rest in Hamburg, in order to play "La Campanella (Second Concerto)" by Niccolò Paganini with orchestra. It had been realized after really few contacts with M. Esther De Bros ; the orchestra had the orchestral part of the Second Concerto by Paganini and I was playing it, actually. Both of us danced with joy on those contacts to decide to play it with Budweis Philharmonic Orchestra at Conservatory of Biel / Bienne, immediately. Although it is already clear to know, here's the program in Bienne / Biel on 10 July 2016 ;


Conservatory of Biel / Bienne "ROTONDE" (10 July 2016 from 12 : 00, Bienne / Biel Switzerland)


Niccolò Paganini : Violin Concerto No. 2 "La Campanella" Op. 7


Alucard Leterme, Violin

David Švec, Conductor

Budweis Philharmonic Orchestra / Philharmonische Orchester Budweis / Orchestre Philharmonique de Budweis

(The orchestra name in German has been written as following instruction by the staff at Conservatory of Biel / Bienne.)



The orchestra was sympatic to play together, but for really short time. 

In true, "La Campanella (Second Violin Concerto)" is less difficult than the First Violin Concerto especially for rythm and tempo changing and their decisions in each of phrase groups among I (as the Soloist), the Conductor and the Orchestra, and also for the precise intonations of notes in technical passages. Also the difference of the number of intermezzo between piano accompaniment and orchestral accompaniment that the orchestral accompaniment has one more intermezzo than piano accompaniment makes me more comfortable to play with orchestra. In addition, it is yet only M. Jihong Park who could arrange the piano accompaniment part for me during the Price Rubin Steinway Series (but Violin) Recital in Boca Raton USA.

Just after playing "La Campanella" with Budweis Philharmonic Orchestra, I saw many (mostly all of) other violinists lying on the floor of the corridor, whether they were sleeping or not and I never knew why. Those whom opening eyes weren't either talking at all. It was as if they were never noticing even their staffs brought them sandwitches just on their heads and announced it with enough loud voice for them, whether she was also seeing them or not, or another staff took their impossible photos with smiling (!), while I, one other staff and an orchestra player (I don't know why but I could not remind whether she was a clarinettist or an oboist) were striding on them to the elevator or stairs (?!). There, I immediately lost my appetit to take those fresh sandwiches, even they were smelling very nicely and freshly.

Redundantly, I had been foretold anonymously that I would be regretted in front of (a) big fountain(s) in the end of beginning of this month, while traveling. Although I asked them the reason of "the regret(s)", they never told me but few "hints" until 10 July 2016 or playing "La Campanella" with Budweis Philharmonic Orchestra. They also told me that it would possibly be in Germany (but in which city or town?) but not in Budapest. However, I immediately knew they meant the 8 of big fountains at the central of Biel / Bienne and end of the street from Conservatory of Bienne / Biel (ROTONDE) when I watched them from bus. Although certain uncertains always happen before or after playing the violin, they're just out of my purposes. I could finish also this time with unexpected but really reasonable and happy conclusions alias moving results, amazingly. Anyway, there aren't any regrets by me, at all.