11. Jul, 2016

Tchaikovsky Concerto with Danube

Since 14 years to play in Budapest again, first for unaccompanied solo and this time as soloist with orchestra. Thanks to a mysterious event, I had been chosen as one of the soloists with Danube Symphony Orchestra in Budapest ; there was a curious website by a person who was disguising as the Executive Manager M. Laszlo Blaskovics using Photoshopped or manipulated photo of real M. Blaskovics (at least changing cloth, hair and skin colors and especially hair style). Although the website's owner seemed to be no longer updating since the latter half of 2015, I found a sudden update link of real website of Danube Symphony Orchestra. After the first contact with real M. Blaskovics, he asked me to send him my documents several times very sincerely. I was bit late to reply him because I was really impressed to his contacts, the official invitation letter to play Violin Concerto by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Op. 35 with Danube Symphony Orchestra in Budapest came to me soon after those contacts, however. Here's the program on 01 and 04 July 2016 ;


Danube Palace / Duna Palota (01 and 04 July 2016, Duna Palota / Danube Palace, Budapest Hungary)


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky : Violin Concerto in D Op. 35


Alucard Leterme, Violin

András Deák, Conductor

Danube Symphony Orchestra



During 8 nights 9 days I was staying at Patrona Hungariae, a Mission School in Budapest with full-boarding, so that made me being concentrated on myself to play the Concerto by Tchaikovsky. In true, I play this Concerto in the both original version and Léopold Auer version, and even also mixed version in case by case. Finally I played once in Auer version on 01 July 2016 and original version (except the end of the 1st Mvt.) on 04 July 2016. The acoustic of Danube Palace and reaction of the Orchestra were really nice and very comfortable to play without being tired, there the very nice contacts of tones, rythm and even the small silences among me, the Conductor M. András Deák, the Concertmaster Tatiana and the whole orchestra were established in the Concerto by Tchaikovsky. 

I love to play this Violin Concerto with orchestra, as well as Violin Concertos by Paganini and which I also played. Esthetically, I always transfered my feelings into how to realize as each of my tone creations as deep as possible, otherwise as delicate as possible during three times of playing this concerto ; because I played it twice on 04 July 2016, in true.

Budapest in Summer Time is hot, whenever I play in a cool but sympatic atmosphere.