5. Apr, 2016

37th / The Bridge II - II

It became the second time of Bronze Award in Slovenia (the first time was in middle of April 2013 in Stanjel) which can probably be said as my fourth Third Prize if the Bronze Award is equivalent as the Third Prize (but I'm not sure yet about their interchangeability), even after being the actual six First Prizes winner on 08 November 2015. And it was the biggest reason that I brought Fantaisie sur des motifs de l'opéra "Faust" de Gounod by Henryk Wieniawski at the third Violin Masterclass by Professor Yair Kless in last month. Here're the programs ;


SVIRÉL International Music Competition for Soloists and Chamber Groups (01 April 2016, Grad Dobrovo and Vila Vipolže, Dobrovo v Brdih Slovenia)


Henryk Wieniawski : Fantaisie sur des motifs de l'opéra "Faust" de Gounod Op. 20

Alfred Schnittke : Suite Im Alten Stil


Alucard Leterme, Violin


Blackmore's International Music Academy / International Violin Mastervlass by Professor Yair Kless (25 - 28 March 2016, Blackmore's Berlins Musikzimmer, Berlin Germany)


Henryk Wieniawski : Fantaisie sur des motifs de l'opéra "Faust" de Gounod Op. 20


Alucard Leterme, Violin



It is normal to perform one of the most brilliant repertories as well as Concertos by Niccolò Paganini, Fantaisie sur des Motifs de l'Opéra "Faust" de Gounod by Henryk Wieniawski (although it can also be called "Faust Fantasy" indeed, it had better to announce the official and right title when we perform it on the stages in order to be understood that this work is by Henryk Wieniawski after motives of the Opera "Faust" by Gounod), Concertos or virtuoso works for violin and orchestra by major and celebrated composers, etc. not only for concerts but also international and national music competitions. If the required duration of my program was too short for the First Violin Concerto by Paganini, why don't I choose the Fantaisie sur des motives de l'Opéra "Faust" by Gounod by Wieniawski?

There I don't know why but also the orchestral part had been required to play alone with my solo concert program. There I didn't hesitate to play the "Do#-Mi-Fa-La-Si-Ré-Do#", solo part of the Third Movement of "Suite Im Alten Stil" by Alfred Schnittke. Here I don't write how many time of "Do#-Mi-Fa-La-Si-Ré-Do#" did I repeated on the stage, however (attention ; you cannot receive rewards even you tell me the right answer). I was the last performer because other violinists had been absent or cancelled the entries, which could not enough explain me the cause of being 15 minutes earlier of my presentations without announcements (17:22 instead of 17:37) that made the pianist being confused the last rehearsal appointment time. Fortunately we could rehearse entire part of the Fantaisie by Wieniawski without any troubles at all, however.

I had been stopped taking photos of the both Grad Dobrovo and Vila Vipolže during SVIRÉL Music Competition and Festival. How quaint. I had been told anonymously and very calmly "Don't regret for taking the photos before your competition, Naoko." and I suddenly wondered whether I will upload my photos of the both venues of SVIRÉL, I don't know why. Of course the both venues were historical and beautiful, there I didn't find people who were taking photos except the award ceremony in the cellar of Vila Vipolže (!!!). Fortunately the final gala joint concert on 03 April 2016 began approx. 50 minutes later than the announced time (16:00) and I could be there mostly on time. Finally I could celebrate myself with very tasty gift champagne in my room with midnight fog in Dobrovo v Brdih. 

This time I completely confused with my geographical locations ; whether I was using the Airport of Trieste or Venezia from Hamburg via München, whether I was in Dobrovo or Vipolže or Dobrovo v Brdih of Slovenia, the located city of SVIRÉL itself, etc. Indeed I came to the Airport of Trieste (because Trieste is nearer from Gorizia - Nova Gorica than Ljubljana) and not Aeroporto di Venezia at all. However the arrived aeroport of Trieste (anyway) had the name of "Aeroporto di Venezia" I don't know why, at all. And what's happening in Gorizia? The solemn city was as if it were right in the middle of a big funeral services of someone important and an anonymous voice asked me "You see Gorizia now. How do you feel about here (Gorizia)? How could you give your concerts in such city? It is impossible to give a concert here, you know now." and similar conversations happened also in Gradisca d'Isonzo during return trip from Dobrovo v Brdih to Trieste.

And thanks for my birthday celebrations.