23. Mar, 2016

Brussel / Bruxelles / Brussels / Brüssel

Brussels is always there to return to there from Hamburg at anytime. We walk on Rue de la Régence / Regentschapsstraat even after being graduated from KMCB / CRMB. We walk on Rue du Chêne with or without passing on Grand Place.

How many times will we walk on Avenue Toison d'Or? How many time will we wait for the Tram at Place Louise / Louisaplein? Brussels always exists there where can never make us being bored.

Although many trains in Germany had been cancelled or late, I could arrive in Belgium at midnight for coordinating several important concerts as soloist violinist with orchestra. The last train from Antwerpen (where there was no longer that big Ferris Wheel in front of the Hbf = Main Station) to Brussels was waiting for me. Too short, during too short time in Brussels I continue things to complete, until my returning in Belgium. 

I immediately noticed something not normal during my too short staying in Brussels ; extreme clustering of certain ethnic group(s) of visitors or guests in my staying hotel ; too many Japanese people were grouping in the early Saturday morning (from beginning time of the breakfast in weekend?!) with shouting anormal opinions, too many German speakers coming approximately 1,5 - 2 hours later (tutti members of several orchestras? But I could not specify whether they were using German-German or Austrian or Swiss - German), so many African people from Sunday and 8 - 10 of young Francophone (non - Bruxellois) students talking extremely long time in the hotel restaurants (but what for ?). None of them I could not find outside of the hotel. 

Fortunately there are several (but not few) streets where I pass even now. This time I felt there were much less passagers on those straats (before beginning security already). There were too few or too less Brusselse din and bustle in the last particular weekend. However, the destinations where I visited for my purposes were as usual. It was a surprise that I could meet with Monsieur Daniel Rubenstein at Maestro Antoni Jassogne's Atelier since 6 years! We talked about Ex. - Orchestre du Petit Chapelle d'Argenteuil (I heard that this orchestra had been changed their name) and its Founder and Président of Ex. - Institute of Music Eugène Ysaÿe (IMEY) Monsieur Ulysse Waterlot very warmly = très charleusement. Whether they can realize the concert engagements after their difficulties to surmonter = overcome, it is in Brussels where I can listen and know at offline. There I feel how the value of my Soloist Diploma which I earned after my concert for Violin Concerto by Richard Strauss on 31 March 2010 increases yet.

After visiting Maestro Jassogne's Atelier I also found 4 - 5 Japanese people sitting in a restaurant on Rue Royale, whom I heard that they had been expulsed during last season, however. They were always only sitting at a restaurant on or around Rue Royale but without Nana Kawamura (assistant of Tatiana Samouil). This time I could never hear what they were talking about because I was walking on Rue Royale to hasten to the Elevator by Justitiepaleis / Palais de Justice.