6. Mar, 2016

Hamburger Monolog

Recently I noticed that the more I play in Hamburg, the less I hear "Hamburg is the City of Music !", "Many Music in Hamburg !" "You can have lots of Chances in Hamburg because.. (omitted).", etc. from many other Hamburgers. The more I play on Stages, the more I listen "It is extremely difficult to organize even a small Concert here.." when we were talking about our actual concert Bookings. After moving in Hamburg from Bad Kissingen (it is already after moving from Brussels), many Hamburgers who I met cheered me so much as well as "You can win in Hamburg with your Music !" "There is plenty of Music in Hamburg!", "You can easily find more Music Opportunities in Hamburg !", "Hamburg~ Hamburg~ *@&%#£~, Hamburg~", etc. etc. And now, no longer I hear such as them neither in Hamburg nor its Outskirts. Indeed my recent Connections are completely different from the Beginning of Living in Hamburg. It is clear that the using geographic Area between Residents and only Tourists are definitively or too much diffrent. 

Finding a Chance to play on a Concert in Hamburg is not enough einfach (not only as Soloist with Accompanists but also unaccompanied Soloist, Chambliste = Chamber Music Player or Orchestral Player). However, it is also ganz normal to have and realize more Opportunities when we find more correct Informations, then prepare, act for it, and play !, of course. And so on. Even a small Show by Self-Organization costs extremely expensive. It is not Question of neither Connections nor Vacancies / Availabilities of targetted Concert hall or Auditorium (because they can be rent at Will). The Both of Luck and good Opportunities we always seek.

In Germany, we should always search and search for our artistic Chances much more voluntary than in Belgium (we could be given certain Times of Concert Performing Opportunities automatically when we had been registrated in an artistic Organization in Belgium). It is not always in the same City where we live to play and sometimes the Duration of Rehearsals can be much more longer than the mentionned Concert Planning. Also the Day of Concert can be postponed yet, in the Case of Necessity (but it is yet very rare except my Cases in last Year 2015). 

A Concert Project which Program or Formation had been officially rejected giving even a Concert at neither their own Concertsaal nor One of the Churches in Hamburg, due to possible legal Issue or an administrative Problem. There I don't know yet the entire Story. All of the Cast still continues their Rehearsals but with ganze Inertia. They still believe they will "itsuka = einsam" give their Concert with their rehearsing Program (Sakurasaku, trotzdem?). Some of them believe they will fulfill their Traum ; to become soloist with orchestra among orchestral Players in order to perform their wishing Concerto immediately without any legal Planning, at all (this is normally impossible because an orchestral Concert Organizing with Choosing Soloist is not Supplanting but real legal Planning).

....Also so I was ashamedly before being Soloist Violinist with Orchestra for the Works by Niccolò Paganini, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Antonio Vivaldi, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Weitere.. on very big and extremely important Concerts. Fortunately I can become it and perform all of there. Also I'm listening the Rest Part of the Program of those Concerts just after Playing my Program, even I'm yet wearing my Tailcoat. I'm talking, talking and talking with the Orchestra Members and the sympatic Audiences, bla bla bla...... during each Pause with forgetting Changing myself into casual Wear. There the Fatigue of the Violin Playing sublimates into the Joy for next Concerts within the trailing Notes and the Climax Roar of the Orchestra. The past Notes are still played in my Brain after finishing each Concert, even during Dinings or Celebrations with the Conductor, the Professors, the Orchestra Members, and the Fans. I don't need any Drugs to be a Musician or an Artist, at all ! It is the real Golden Time for the Violinist, literally (I think). Each of my Practices not to miss Notes caused by extreme Touching during the Concert Performance are bref, recompensed. And those Live Recordings will be One of my Materials for showing myself later or to find myself how to practice for the coming Concerts. Dann, weiter.....

(Now we returned to the Subject again....)

Recently, they begin Skipping Rehearsing their Program but for such their wishing Concerto Solo Part with banned Person during their Rehearsal Appointments. Neither we can know how they work before doing them actually, nor I can dare to tell all of them these Facts face-to-face, nor knowing why they insist on Frankfurt (am Main), even they never neither live nor play there.