27. Feb, 2016

Violino Virtuoso 2016 / La Campanella for the Third Time in Hamburg

There are two versions of "La Campanella" by Niccolò Paganini ; original version as the third movement of the Second Violin Concerto No. 2 "La Campanella" Op. 7 and the famous, celebrated version by Fritz Kreisler (Trio cut version) and super exciting and celebrated Franz Liszt version but for piano solo (I think we can listen La Campanella and the works by Paganini always excitingly as well as the celebrated Pop or Rock or Metal or.... etc. pieces / tracks). Both versions for violin are the mostly same and beautiful, therefore I can play the both version and it is the winning repertoire for the X Trofeo Città di Greci (Gerci City Trophy) International Music competition on 29 March 2015. And this time I played it for the third time in Hamburg. Here's the program ;


Violino Virtuoso Concert (26 February 2016, Konzertsaal Alfred Schnittke Akademie International, Hamburg Germany)


Niccolò Paganini : La Campanella from Violin Concerto No. 2 Op. 7


Alucard Leterme, Violin 

Yuri Bervetsky, Piano Accompaniment


Alfred Schnittke Akademie International / Violin Masterclass by Alexandre Brussilovsky (22 - 27 February 2016, Konzertsaal Alfred Schnittke Akademie International, Hamburg Germany)


Niccolò Paganini : Violin Concerto No. 2 "La Campanella" Op. 7

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Violin Concerto No. 4 KV218

Camille Saint=Saëns : Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Yuri Bervetsky, Piano Accompaniments



The more I practice and play the concertos by Niccolò Paganini, the more I need to practice and play on the public. There is certain myself who longs to perform the First Violin Concerto by Niccolò Paganini for the sixth time. 

Recently there are more bizzare demagogues and rumors in Hamburg, especially in Altona Area for example ; "Should Hamburg-Altona Station still be kept only for the Graveyard of Altona?" "Fold Hamburg-Altona!" etc. I don't know why, at all. Although there is really Graveyard of Altona in this area, the whole Altona Area isn't made by the big graveyard, seriously (anyway there are also JBK and ASAI in Altona Area !). In such phenomena in Hamburg I was continuing playing the violin as usual ; rehearsals in Hamburg even with or without confusion of the plannings, day trip to Frankfurt to play Czardas arranged with added introductive cadenza of the third movement "Alla Zingara" from Second Violin Concerto by Henryk Wieniawski with another violinist and guitarrist and two of other arrangements, attending Violin Masterclass by Professor Alexandre Brussilovsky at ASAI until today noon (as active participant, of course), playing on Violino Virtuoso Concert in Hamburg (Violino Virtuoso Concerts come also in this year !!), etc. before the Carnaval in Hamburg, even after being profitted this year's Carnaval in Baden-Württemberg for the Violinstudien of Sindelfingen (why does each Bundeslands = German States have different public holidays plan ?!).

For this time, due to moving several important schedules I was especially right to attend the Masterclass by Professor Brussilovsky again during this February. The time was too short also for this time to work my necessary repertoire list entirely or even a work until symbolic masterclass ending in this noon (and I will possibly miss several times of his Masterclass after this time due to my concert travels). It was also the cause of continuing several violin concertos in masterclasses by several professors. Although I also have some kind of "musical concepts" or my own "daily violin practice methods" (?) which are no longer enough vague for practical use, having chances to learning new and important violin programs in certain important violin masters will be gigantesque advantages to learn historically celebrated violin interpretations, concepts, artistic and (very positively) critical thinking, new technics, strenghened technologies with each violin masters' own methods. This is why I can play on my concerts more and more at the same time of learning several programs with several major violin concertos or virtuoso works, therefore I can concentrate on myself how to create each note with the crearest tones and understand why the good music and interpretations can hold the comfortable stillness within.

Even more demagogues and rumors running in Hamburg, the first "Violino Virtuoso" Concert in this year had been held on yesterday 26 February 2016 at ASAI / Alfred Schnittke Akademie International, after the last "Violino Virtuoso" Concert on 03 November 2015. There I chose to play "La Campanella" by Niccolò Paganini, the Second Concerto "La Campanella" Op. 7 version for the third time in Hamburg (I worked La Campanella before this time with Professor Brussilovsky for more perfection to bring to several international music competitions and concerts). This time I should confess that I appeared on my concert with wearring a crystal cross pendant with silver chain for the first time (normally I should not wear any accessoires during playing the violin at all, even I wore it under my costume only for this concert). No longer I can know neither why I could not stop gazing the crystal cross until wearring it just before arriving at the concert nor whether it was a premonition of something (which is still unknown for me) or not.

After bathing in the applause bit longer than usual in Hamburg it sparkled once without changing the illumination level in neither the concert hall nor the backstage. I was wondering about it during the curtain call (this is not a kind of written pretentions but what I actually saw after playing La Campanella).