16. Dec, 2015

Brussels - Berlin - Bari and Lodz

Recently I experienced certain time that I could not neither only check E-mails nor write something (including this Blog) due to tripping and rehearsals. Such time was not bad at all because I could really concentrate myself on my violin play tasks, fortunately.

It was since 9 years and 10 months to come again to Berlin, after backing from too short trip in Brussels. There one of my wishes ; to go to Berlin for my own musical purpose (as solo play) and to meet and attend the classe of Maestro Yair Kless after knowning his fame in July 2003 in Libramont Belgium had been finally fulfilled. Having not enough chances in Berlin (and Libramont ?) until end of this November prepared me enough to be capable to present myself there, however. Since 6 years to see M. Dylan Blackmore at his affectively beautiful music gallery "Blackmore's Berlins Musikzimmer" and I felt not "as if" but surely "something disrrupted in Bayern (or Niedersachsen ?) had been replaced and began growing again without disrruptions anymore". I think this is why I'm rejoiced for Congrats by M. Blackmore without flatters after finishing this time. Anyway I gained what I was expecting to Berlin and Maestro Kless.

Sometimes timing cannot choose my relaxing time. At the same time of basking in the afterglow of Berlin I should immediately trip to Bari (Italy) and its outskirt city Castellana Grotto in order to play the 1st Violin Concerto by Niccolò Paganini. Though I experienced some of bizzare phenomena between Bari and Castellana Grotto, my concentration and vitality to play entire 1st concerto by Paganini hadn't been lost enough to miss my medal award by Amici della Musica. This medal hasn't been displayed on the wall of my home yet because I should immediately trip in Lodz City without taking rest to play La Campanella by Niccolò Paganini with Caprice No. 17 and Polish Caprice by Grazyna Bacewicz for the first solo play in Poland. There I found the performing style for the work by Bacewicz is very resemble to Johann Strauss II's that the changing tempo should be dynamically realized, there the very strong tention like "Noh (Japanese historical theatral art)" could be created within and kept until the end of playing.

In Lodz I found finally the black building which I was seeing in my dream many times. The biggest difference between the reality and dream was that there were ceiling and an outdoor lamp in the center of its inside. It was not courtyard, at all. (A floor by the stair or elevator was looking like to Ex. Google's building which we can watch the lecture video of M-Tech's Entrepreneurship's course at Coursera. Only the bookshelf was moving to a bakery unnaturally.) There I experienced very curious event ; although I wanted to take those photos as usually, someone shouted me anonymously but anormally in the building "Don't take photos here, Alucard !!! Otherwise you'll regret during your entire life for being shot both of your eyes !!!!!" I could not understand why in my head, of course. Who or what could shot my eyes if I take photos in a Polish music school? And why and how ?!!! But my head was keeping myself cool to follow the words and my hand put back my GSM/mobile (camera) in my coat automatically. Unbelievably the similar event had occured also in the old palace building when I tried taking photo in the most beautiful bassin room on the 1st Floor (it meant 2nd Floor in Japanese) by different voice but very calmly as "Naoko, do not take photos here now. You can take them later. Don't regret your life only for taking unnecessary photos. You don't want to lose your future concerts, do you?".... why so on....?

No longer I can verify who warned me there (and now you can know where was it, I think). Anyway the both events had been occured just after finding a person who was visibly one of the elder brother of the dead criminal in Ingolstadt or Itzehoe (neither Hamburg nor Frankfurt nor Berlin, Nürnberg?) in June 2013, at the entrance of the premise. After finishing entire events I could finally promenade in the Central of Lodz in the evening, for the third time of those event series ; suddenly I heard again the voice but it was one of my living violin professors (not in Hamburg) very calmly "Alucard, it's me (with saying his name). Hurry. Back into your room, please." and I could walk much faster than before to do so.

Finally I came back in Germany without any troubles which I was preoccupying but without enough knowing what were happening. However, I can bit imagine part of them because I was seeing the dream of that black building and the three persons too oftenly before. At least I can say "a round wall clock on a low outdoor light in the center of the building without Christmas decorations in the middle of December" could be enough pregnant, even such place could not deprive my performance of works by Paganini and Bacewicz, however.