14. Nov, 2015

XIII Concorso Internazionale Giovani Musicisti Città di Paola Premio S. Francesco di Paola

Although no longer I'm interested in other particular people, there were always several questions ; why some medias featured some typical violinists who always won 5 times (neither more nor less than 5 I don't know why) at international music or violin competitions (whether true or false) ? What's the difference among numbers of winning at international music competitions ? And then, how would I be if I could really win for the 6th time after the 10th Trofeo Città di Greci International Music Competition (and what's more, how dare I really imagine such as questions before my first winning at the 19th International Music Competition Premio Vittoria Caffa Righetti at San Francesco Church of Cortemilia on 12 November 2011) ? No longer I can know whether those questions were really important for me because I became actual 6 international music competitions winner as a violinist soloist since 08 November 2015. If you want to know what was happening on me, read carefully below until the end ;

This time I came to Paola, the city of Saint-Francesco of Paola and northern city of Lamezia Terme (Crotone is east of Lamezia) after overcoming some traffic difficulty due to air strike in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and involved München after clowded Hamburg. Fortunately I could come to Lamezia via Düsseldorf and Milano even after receiving strike informations in Düsseldorf and there is no longer traffic difficulties from Lamezia to Paola. In Germany I've been taught by people in Bayern to go to München when I'm stuck and I know that it's really true. However it was the second time that my tripping had been secured by Düsseldorf. In Paola City most of streets and places have beautiful statues or painting works of Saint-Francesco of Paola which we can find very easily on the street with several cute cats night and day.

The communal building of Paola City has ancient church building (the photo which I took) which was used as a concert hall and the place of XIII Concorso Internazionale Giovani Musicisti Città di Paola Premio S. Francesco di Paola, there I won the First Absolute Prize and Golden Medal in violin / string soloists section. Anyway it had been the reality. My sentiments became too high to shed tear for this rejoice and I still wish not to be awaken if it would be only a dream, even I know already that it came really true. The prizes are so great with the high importance for my concert career. And this newest winning at XIII Concorso International Giovani Musicisti Città di Paola Premio S. Francesco di Paola is extremely important for my future. How precious....

After being awarded I once went back in Hamburg and came to Ciudad Reale Spain in order to perform the 5th violin concerto by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It would be the second time for coming to Spain after playing Sonata by Van Beethoven at Real Conservatorio de Madrid in the middle of 2009. The Spanish air, water, foods, atomospheres are also very nice for me to make myself being capable to play an entire concerto after the competition performing and few days of resting in Germany without taking enough physical rests. Winning happiness in Paola gives me more energy and ambitions for my violin playing on public. In Ciudad Real, I don't know why however, the place to perform Mozart was at a residence hall instead of Music Conservatory of Ciudad Reale, even the both places were very near of each other and the other performers were making rehearsal only in the Conservatory (not in the residence building at all).  

It was unbelievable but I could still play my own cadenza for the 5th Violin Concerto by Mozart again in a hotel party for requests (attention for real Hamburgers and Müncheners ; I'm not David Garrett !!!!). I thought it was also good at being played shortly if I'm asked to play something and I can also play very small but my own violin piece so on. The reaction from the audience in the party was also nice. Why not? Now I can also work making my own violin pieces at the same time of my playing on each public.

Free kittens in Paola and birds in Ciudad Reale came to me without conversations but very sympatically. I was covered with morning fog of Ciudad Reale before coming back in Hamburg. The scent of both Paola and Ciudad Reale and feeling in the daily sun light are resemble to Crotone's which I feel happier and more comfortable to practice and play the violin. I feel as if I could be well trained my violin performing skills when I scent such airs. I wish to come to both cities again for my violin playings, even I'm still in Ciudad Reale. If necessary I will never hesitate to come back to Paola even from tomorrow, whether I have been called there again.