30. Sep, 2015

Festival Cortinas 2015 (Three in One Performances)

Passing through Germany from Hamburg to Villingen to attend the "Internationales Didaktisches Festival Cortinas 2015" in more or less than 11 hours (only for one way) had been fully rewarded also for the third time. There I arrived one day later of the opening day due to changing my (violin) bow hair out of necessity in Hamburg. Fortunately I should not be later than 1 o'clock midnight to enter in Tannenhöhe thanks to Sara Cortinas (Cello and Chamber Music Trainer) very much.

In this festival all of three performance roles in classical music; solo, orchestral tutti and chamber music could be performed after individual lessons and number of rehearsals during the same and entire period. Of course the solo program should be chosen very carefully to perform at the chapel of Tannenhöhe/Tannenhoehe for Teilnermerkonzert, Abschlusskonzert and also during morning service on Sunday (in the case of being selected to perform). Once we decided what to play on concert(s), no longer the practice time can be so much. During the period of Festival Cortinas we could also enjoy meals and some conversations with sisters in Tannenhöhe and taking bit fearless promenade in Schwarzwald because the inside of Schwarzwald was always lighter than the appearance (during the proper daytime to walking, of course).

Once per year and for the third time there, I prepared my program with Professor Pedro Cortinas and his daughter Sara Cortinas for the concerts in Tannenhöhe. Among repertoire we agreed to choose Chaconne in d from Partita No. 2 by Johann Sebastian Bach and Quintette in C by Franz Schubert with Matthiew (2nd Violin), Jürgen (Viola), Feliu and Miquel (Cellos) for the concert on 25 September 2015. Unexpectedly but very happily the Quintette by Schubert had been chosen also to perform during the Sunday Morning Service on 27 September 2015, 10 hours before the cloture concert of Festival Cortinas of this year. Here are the programs for Festival Cortinas 2015 ;


Internationales Didaktisches Festival Cortinas 2015 (16 - 28 September 2015, Tannenhöhe Villingen Germany)


Sunday Morning Service (27 September 2015, Chapel of Tannenhöhe Villingen Germany)


Franz Schubert : Quintett


Alucard Leterme, First Violin

Matthew Dickinson, Second Violin

Jürgen Pumplüm, Viola

Feliu Llobet, Cello

Miquel Felipe, Cello


Abschlusskonzert (25 September 2015, Chapel of Tannenhöhe Villingen Germany)


Johann Sebastian Bach : Chaconne from Partita No. 2 BWV1004


Alucard Leterme, Violin (unaccompanied solo)


Gesprächskonzert mit David Holleber (23 September 2015, Chapel of Tannenhöhe Villingen Germany)


2 minutes ad hoc improvisative composition


David Holleber, Conductor

Alucard Leterme, Violin (Leader)

Matthew Dickinson, Violin

Jürgen Pumplüm, Viola

Feliu Llobet, Cello

Miquel Felipe, Cello

etc. (including violinists and glass players)



Before above concerts I had been asked by M. David Holleber to realize a kind of "2 minutes ad hoc improvisative compositions" (?) with quintette members without any announcements until just time during "Gesprächskonzert" (however the other players except 2 of selected glass players were preparing for there I don't know why). I "improvised (?)" with following instruction; beginning without tone but play moving note only on G string during just 2 minutes as a kind of "captain ad hoc" for the "ad hoc unit", possibly and probably.

For the Abschlusskonzert the Artistic Director Abram Cortinas (Piano) performed Piano Concerto in d No. 20 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gently and very radiantly (without suggestive interpretation peculiar to the Piano Concerto No. 20 by Mozart) and Soprano Singer Maria Jose Burguillos sang "Talismane" and "Lied der Suleika" by Robert Schumann transcribed by Xabier Sarasa also gently and elegantly with the Kaltbrunn Niederurnen Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Professor Pedro Cortinas. Both solo performances were very pleasant to listen entirely without being tired.

The checkout time is 9 o'clock morning after the Abschlusskonzert, we could take breakfast even after the checkout without feeling tired but freshly however. After backing home I began review what I performed during Festival Cortinas and continue the violin.