7. Sep, 2015

Morning Red Sky In West

It was the day before yesterday morning the sky in the west was turning red and my surrounding air could be seen as if it were also delicate red. Then it rained heavily or sprinklingly after returning the sky color to normal. It turned cold to open the room heater for the first time after this Summer and now today is cold sunny day ....it is the first time for me to see those curious weather without any earthquakes at all until now in Germany. Fortunately it didn't influence upon neither traffic services from here Germany to another nor my violin and its tone conditions. Due to weekend and my necessary tasks I don't find any related news yet, anyway. However sometimes I see people with short-sleeved shirts even in the cold outdoor for several hours not only during daytime but also evening in Germany (It is very rare in Belgium).

After Crotone and Brussels I was searching some researching theme for the violin with its related subjects without rests until now. Also the Summer vacation of this year was too short to clear my small goals for own developings, sometimes alone and sometimes with someone.

Recently I began studying also orchestra conducting for unexpected needs without schooling but several methods with few self-education and I found there are several type of a kind of "how to listening orchestra" ; as audience, tutti, concertmaster, soloist with orchestra, conductor (for different orchestras or ensembles), just in front of the performing or rehearsing orchestra at the churches, concert halls, small auditorium, or rehearsal rooms, or from historical or recent recordings, etc. I think those differences of listening type are also a kind of "listening skill" not only for general business purpose but also for the concerts, rehearsals, lessons, or researching recordings etc., obviously. Fortunately there are many good materials for preparing myself, my concert programs and opportunities to perform on concerts, then I just practice, listen, and play.