8. Jul, 2015

Violino Virtuoso

After returning in Hamburg from Brussels Belgium (I returned in Brussels once again after short trip in Viareggio-Camaiore Italy) I immediately participated in the violin masterclasse by Professor Alexandre Brussilovsky in Hamburg for the second time. It was in order to polishing 1st Violin Concerto by Niccolò Paganini for the coming concerts and Violin Concerto by Ludwig Van Beethoven as one of the recent requests. Due to too short time of the masterclasse I conld not bring other necessary repertories, however I wasn't neglecting preparing them during my own practicing time.

The period of each masterclasse is always very limited for various and necessary repertories and it is not enough easy to decide what to work intensively with my Professor until concert appearances. This time I and Professor Brussilovsky chose the 1st Violin Concerto by Niccolò Paganini to work as intensive as possible and to perform on our concert "Violino Virtuoso" at the concert hall of Alfred Schnittke Akademie International. It was not only for more perfections with more concert performances but also to find something new in the current repertories or "to replace", whether it requires still more hard work or not too hard. Here's the program ;


Violino Virtuoso Concert (07 July 2015, Konzertsaal Alfred Schnittke Akademie International, Hamburg Germany)


Niccolò Paganini : Violin Concerto No. 1 Op. 6 (Cadenza : Émile Sauré)

Alucard Leterme, Violin

Yuri Bervetsky, Piano Accompaniment


Alfred Schnittke Akademie International / Violin Masterclass by Professor Alexandre Brussilovsky (03 - 07 July 2015, Alfred Schnittke Akademie International, Hamburg Germany)


Niccolò Paganini : Violin Concerto No. 1 Op. 6 (Cadenza : Émile Sauré)

Ludwig Van Beethoven : Violin Concerto Op. 61 (Cadenza : Alfred Schnittke)


Alucard Leterme, Violin

Yuri Bervetsuky, Piano Accompaniments



Alfred Schnittke Akademie International in Hamburg (Altona Area) is very comfortable for the masterclasse even in the last extreme hot wheather. However, the concert hall had been extremely hot only during the moment of our concert "Violino Virtuoso" on yesterday evening, as if all of the air conditionnings were stopped by the hot air which was coming from the concert because of many audience also for this time, thankfully.

This time I was also glad for that I could meet with Pianist Professor Irina Kolesnikova at JBK Hamburg to talk each other during the after-concert reception. She emphasized to another audience that I performed this concerto there as for the second time in Hamburg and it had better that I perform the violin concerto by Paganini more. Here I thank to JBK Hamburg so much for allowing me to put the concert handbills also in JBK main building.

During the entire reception I could hear from the audiences also "Unbelievable, Leterme !!" "How terrific Alucard Leterme was!" "Once Matsui plays, the audience will talk only about her!" "It's always talked only about Alucard's Paganini Concerto!" "How could Leterme continue performing that Paganini's Concerto?!" "It'd better to choose Alucard Leterme than ....!" "Because she can collect the audiences" "Her performances can make money!" "Yes, I think it, too." "We are going to put Leterme for our next concerts." "Yes, we're going to begin discussing from now. (as the response)." etc. in various languages, at least. I was delighted with all of what I could hear. Here I thank really to all of the audiences.

Anyway once we start playing the violin concerto by Paganini, no longer we can quit. I always continue practicing and performing the concerto by Paganini on the concerts even with other repertoire, whether I performed worse or better on each concert.