29. Jun, 2015

Paganini in E-flat major

After too short visiting in Brussels and Rubenshuis for "Rubens Privé" in Antwerpen Belgium I also tripped in Viareggio Italy from Bologna (I should change my plane to Pisa due to flight cancellation in München) for my concert coordinations also for too short time. Because of their ending dates I could not postpone one or two of them. Some of unclear things are now clearer than before, there I can find more good points than before.

During these trippings I performed the 1st Violin Concerto by Niccolò Paganini in the original tonality (E-flat major) for the first time, finally. Fortunately the reaction of the audiences were very good and some people congratulated me well. This time I performed without changing string tunes to half-tone upper but only with small changing my fingerings without too much difficulties. There I began thinking that the performing the 1st Violin Concerto by Niccolò Paganini will be enough practical for the concerts with very good musical and audience effects. I will play this concerto much more in the both tonalities. 

In Lido di Camaiore or Camaiore (?? Outskirt of Viareggio and Pisa ; there are really 2 Camaiore which combine Viareggio) I encountered a curious international music competition which are held in unnaturally small theater (the size of stage and box places are too small I don't know why). Several candidates who performed very well hadn't been awarded but only a certificate of participation. After the prize awards (the results) the competition had been scandalized in Viareggio, as well as I heard very much. Although I was not in the jury to reward or award them, I still think strongly that they should be also rewarded for their good performances. Here I wish their performances will also be rewarded well.

During short staying in Viareggio I didn't swim at all. Anyway I must guard my instrument just in front of the sea under nicely hot weather and I don't know why but I could not reach to the beach. The most part of beach were coverd with restaurants and many shops. However I could walk little bit in the main street and watch the ocean finally just before departure.

Of course I never neglige my activities in Hamburg Germany as my current base city after two recent Beethoven Concerts. Anyway I should determine my concert programs as soon as possible.