21. Jun, 2015

Beethovenkonzert (Beethoven Concert)

Two concerts exclusively for works by Ludwig Van Beethoven had been completed yesterday. There I performed literally with Professor Anne Preyss-Bator of Johannes Brahms Konservatorium for the both concerts, once at "Redeemer Church" of Halstenbek (outskirt of Pinneberg in Schleswig-Holstein ; not the same church of the Redeemer Church where I performed Schnittke Solo part in February) and once at JBK Concert Hall in Hamburg.

Some people still believe as if I were never playing works by Van Beethoven, I don't know why. Although I always perform works by Niccolò Paganini, I'm also good at performing works by Van Beethoven (remember to write "Van" when you write the name of Beethoven !).

Before the concerts I experienced several curious events which were concerning with the "Redeemer Church" of Halstenbek ; I had been asked anonymously whether I was knowing a house which could be seen "a faggot (but it was just a cut white birch. Why ?) on a white and black table" from its window and it was probably in Hamburg region, with showing me its short video. No longer I can remind if it was in which February, this year or last year. During the pause of the first concert (on 19 June 2015) one of the conductors invited me just in front of the same "white birch faggot on the table" to talk with me about concerts. All what I saw there were completely as same as which I had seen only once in the short video. There were only two opened doors from the main hall to find all of them, but not in Hamburg but outskirt of Pinneberg.

For the second concert at Johannes Brahms Konservatorium in Hamburg, I met with an old person during the concert pause whom I feel I was already meeting or seeing or talking before not only in Hamburg but also in Belgium. The person was extremely exciting and impressing for our program (exclusively works by Van Beethoven) because of listening the completely same program in a Belgian Church performed by "A blond haired Concertmaster who was looking like me and performed very smilarly to me but taller and bigger than me" and also asked if he was my professor in Belgium. The person expected me very gently to complete performing the rest and the last program. And immediately another person came to me after him (I strongly felt as if she were his spouse even they never explained me) and repeated shouting "Wunderbar !! Es ist wunderbar !! (Wonderful !! It is wonderful !!)".

When we entered the coda of the last program suddenly I felt as if I were reporting "our triumph" to my dead professor in my heart, whether with or without knowing "against what". There I was never losing my concentration during entire "Beethoven Program" for the both concerts, at least.

The rest of this month I cannot yet plan how to complete my two big musical tasks only in one week. The both cannot be postponed for this time due to their ending date.