6. Jun, 2015

Fermo nel Sogno (Fermo in Dream)

During latest trip in Italy I performed on a concert and visited the ancient library in Fermo (Outskirt of Ancona and Bologna ; famous city for Andrea Postacchini International Violin Competition which will be held once per year) with coordinating projects in Italy and bit also for in Germany because I found bit more news also in Fermo for more projects in Germany I don't know why. The concert hall "Salla di Ritratti" where I performed and the "Salle d'esercizi (= practice rooms)"  in the same building of the ancient library. The photo I took with authorization of the instructor in the library only for once.

For the concert appearance and visiting the ancient library here I thank so much to Massimo. I thank very much to Paolo, M. Yamagishi and the concerned staffs for the concert organization and the violin exhibition. We entered there just before 10 minutes for the cloture. Before the library we also appreciated several important icons, pictures and a miraculous object (!). In the library I learned the ancient library was collecting and using practically until 18th Century. However those books are still using until now. There I could only amaze and amaze, frankly. How could the library being kept until now? It was as if I were in the video game or the atelier of an alchemist or a magician. Otherwise how can I express them ?

Of course I always remind the results of the concert at "Salla di Ritratti". There I could perform more comfortably than I was estimating and I had been appreciated by the audience than I was estimating just before the concert, fortunately. There I verified again that I should perform the works by Niccolò Paganini as much as possible.

In the Piazza (Place) of Fermo I heard so many breaking news about the concert series and the competition for the both of good and bad during my staying. However those phenomena are always normal during the period of each competition, whether the competition is clean or "under a kind of circumstances".

Some professors (whether in the Jury or not) supervise their pupils or schoolchildren to one or several international music competition. I had not been chosen as a part of them when I was still his pupil, even I could be soloist for the First Violin Concerto by Niccolò Paganini with Orchestre Symphonique de Namur at 5 different Churches in Belgium which were including Collégiale Notre-Dame and Saint-Domitianus of Huy on 01 June 2008. And though I went to all of winning competitions alone, I was still regretting if I could be chosen one of the pupils for the competition trip with my professor.

One day after concert I saw a very clear and really vivid "dream" about the stayed hotel lobby ; Once I heard an unknown but beautiful and comfortable voice saying "I'm your magician. Such your wish will be granted." After several hours, it was just one minutes before the midnight I went down to the lobby to receive some room fixtures. Nobody was there surely. However I heard just behind me calling my name. I turned and my professor (whom I had been informed in Belgium and Germany that he had been passed away in 2009) was standing with smiling..... !

He immediately told me first of all that the common Wifi code for the guest at the hotel didn't work (he was having the same PC but I could not check only its brand mark). I didn't use the hotel Wifi either due to its "too much arbitrary" password. Anyway we talked and talked as much as possile in less than one hour about what was happening in Belgium (until 2009 ?), the competitions (especially Trofeo Città di Greci, Andrea Postacchini, Queen Elisabeth and Vincenzo Scaramuzza), his last (or ultimate?) masterclasse where I wasn't knowing, staying in Fermo, a part of processes to become professor in a music university, etc., in the vacant hotel lobby without a Belgian beer.

It was too short time and those talking had been ended due to his car parking. A hotel lobby staff came and he began talking with them. And he departed with his "current (or ultimate ?)" car before being one o'clock. Although I was simply dumbfounded by such ending, my regretting wish had been actually fulfilled.

After this dream it became finally the last day of staying in Fermo this time. It was during evening I found a small and very subdued logo mark? on the outer wall of a building in the central "piazza". I gazed it and the circumference had been immediately silenced without knowing the cause. One of the passagers informed me anonymously and unbelievably that the person who gazed the mark on the building meant their thanks and farewell to Fermo. There my (above-mentionned) violin professor did the same also for the end of his 6th short staying in Fermo (and I was for the second time). Of course I yet doubt them because I cannot verify them, at all.

But how could I complain about Fermo for this time ?

There one of my lost wish had been granted, whether I will have opportunity to visite there for the third time or not.