13. May, 2015

Preference of Portraits

Though I'm not a mannequin, I sometimes need taking my own artistic portraits for my concert posters, concert programs, competitions, application to many appearances, etc., with or without my own "preparations" (but following advices by staffs) for polishing my violin (possibly also cleaning my bow) my costumes keeping, hair style, staff meeting for the planning and my makeup, or even my diet (?).... ?

Currently I took them in a photo studio (here it never mean Photoshop!) and took enough time (I believe) to choose which to use. I like some of them, not some of another, etc. among more than 150 portraits and more than 100 will possibly be added for the concert poster in this month with many thanks to the photographers and the makeup artists. There I learned the choice of the color for lip and eyeshadow will give great influences for each results and the preference in each country is quite different. I don't know whether they're enough or not to advance my further activities yet.

Here we should not substitute our snapshot even for casual style (is there real casual style among classical and modern concerts ?). Althogh I very troubled finding how to take my first portrait for my program until finding good studio, the "very nice photo with perfect atmosphere which are appreciated by everybody" and the studio-taking portrait are definitively different under the difference of "purpose" for each photo taking.

There there is a unique question for violinist; how to hold the violin for better look in portraits (for chin, of course!) ? I don't "play" the violin during portrait taking in a studio but "hold" it as if I were playing also there. There I found the enourmous difference of my looks between concert performing time and portraits that I'm much smarter in concert recording than in photos !!

Anyway, go for it !