5. May, 2015


Recently I experienced several changements and modifications among planned events and recent Music trippings especially in France and Italy. All of those changements were completely unexpected but probably resulted also securing myself for the further concerts or better concert organizations.

Fortunately those were not my disasters but just a kind of adjustments for my actual coming concert schedule in this year as those results. There it does not mean neither changing my performance Style nor changing my current concert repertories, nor changing my preferences, nor damaging my schedule or my life, at all.

In France and Italy I performed the third and first movements of Second Violin Concerto by Niccolò Paganini with an experimental performance of my own cadenza (there I performed simply but more improvisationally than interpretatively). After its first test performance by myself I think I will probably be able to accomplish several type of cadenza in accordance with each needs in each situation. During staying in Italy I didn't visite to Sacro Monte of Varallo Sesia due to bad weather. However I could avoid also traffic difficulties during those Music trips even in the series of recent train strikes, fortunately.

In the outskirt of Milano I had a request to perform also Violin Concerto by Ludwig Van Beethoven after the performance of the Second Violin Concerto by Paganini. Why not with Concertos by Paganini and other major concertos ? Now I'm ready also for this concerto and the works by Van Beethoven are also reacted by the audience well. 

This week my schedule will be irregular due to holidays in Hamburg in next week. However I will also profit them for my concerts coordinations.