10. Apr, 2015

The New Concertos For The Musical Cooperations

Recently I have more contacts with my online and offine friend or collegue composers, fortunately. Some of them already gave me the score and the violin solo part in order to realize real concert for their world premiere concerts or more performance to cooperate ourselves even not for premiere. The all of those new concertos which I will give their premieres and those which they readily allowed me to perform are aesthetically and auditively beautiful with comfort to be performed or listened.

At least I think I'm good also at performing new/contemporary violin music at the same time of actual classical violin repertories performing on the stages. Actually I play them at the same time of the both two Violin Concertos by Niccolò Paganini, Violin Concerto by Ludwig Van Beethoven (this concerto is no longer my weak point anymore), "I Profetti" (2nd Violin Concerto) by Mario Castelnuovo=Tedesco, Sonata by Johannes Brahms and Johann Sebastian Bach, Capricci also by Paganini etc. Performing new works (especially concertos) by cooperative composers will be realized as well as my classical music performing with my own performing concepts which never twist each compositions but for correct interpretation with my own inspired expressions beautifully and comfortably (of course I will reject which to indicate to destroy or damage music instruments or performers even in extremely rare case). Actualy I have several premiere concert performance experiences until now.

Hopefully every new music aren't always the consequence of dissonance or roar as the bad focusing on them. We should really search and find real composers with the proper works to perform. 

Though it is not a work like real composers, I'm in course of making a cadenza for a concerto due to absence of existing cadenzas or notes. Only for this I'm neither trained nor self-taught but purely based on my own violin performing skills and memories. I should achieve it until end of this month for secure myself. Hope everything goes well.