2. Apr, 2015

X Concorso Internazionale di Musica Trofeo Città di Greci

Frankly saying I'm still in the seventh heaven after winning at the "X Concorso Internazionale di Musica Trofeo Città di Greci" on 29 March 2015. I won the 5th winning on the day of the tenth aniversary of my father's death. During my performance of La Campanella (as the 3rd Movement of the 2nd Violin Concerto) by Niccolò Paganini I was entirely and extremely comfortable to play and no longer I remember how to endure shedding tears of the rejoice. Anyway it was beautiful day. And what more fortunate was that one of the competitor - pianists (who became one of the prize winners of the chamber music section) accepted my accompaniment in last minutes even in last minutes before her turn.

Anyway I noticed the summer time of this year was beginning after returning in Germany.

All of my awarded prizes which are including this first prize are important for me except very few of which by very few but unfortunate ill-intended persons for the purpose of disgracing my career or concert obstruction.

I was also one of the musicians who was traumatized for the international music competition prize until 12 November 2011. The more I participated in the music competition, the more I had been eliminated without results until that day when I received my first First Prize. The probability of winning at an international music competition is extremely few and we can never know neither of which we can win nor how was each competition. However the we will lost the probabllity to winning at any international music competition if we quit perform there to avoid being hurted.

Fortunately I could break down some "superstitions" about "winning at the international music competitions" at least ;

- Also musicians who had certain musical schooling backgrounds can win.

- Also musicians who didn't win any national/international music competitions until being 16 years old can win.

- Also musicians who didn't attend the masterclasses of all concerned jury before their competition can win (also musicians who attend the masterclasse of concerned jury can be eliminated at the competition with or without disputes afterall).

- The choice of program (with respecting each rule) doesn't influence the result of the program (however there's certain compatibility among the program choices with the competition).

- The artistic expressions and beautiful tones are as important as the precise intonations and rythms.

- The choice of the school brand doesn't matter to the results

- I won 5 times without knowing how to corrupt the competitions at all (true) !!!!!

- The choice of brands for playing instruments doesn't matter (especially for new instruments)



Due to storm I stayed one night in Offenbach (not in Frankfurt I don't know why) after departure from Napoli. With the rejoice of winning I already re-begin my preparations for next stages now.