23. Feb, 2015

4 Nights 5 Days

I came back to home just several hours before after a short tripping in Belgium for 2 days artistic conference about a kind of electronic music devices and the author's & performer's rights (there Beyoncé and Hilary Hahn had been released as world-famous plagiarists, of course). All of them had been held at the Orpheus Instituut of Gent. And I was occupying also for other projects in Brussels.

Unexpectedly the all of those presentations were held in neither Flemish/Dutch nor French (including Belgicismes) nor German but only English. This phenomenon was due to neither my own linguistic cultures nor others'. As you know here or some other kind of online informations I always write without any kind of Ghost Writers as if one or two of such researchers implied and blamed me so with their own imaginations or probably wrong informations against me (?).

Among their presentations what the most interesting for me was the presentation of an automatic performance "by" combinations of vaious electronic devices which didn't require man-made performance except the first sound/noise installations. I still wonder whether they could really say (me) that they didn't use any sort of artificial Intelligence at all, even after using a real PC. There I thought they're researching about realization of an electronic sound loop program as well as the video games' BGM without harmful logiciels (such as Linux or..?), however. There I convince that it requires various sound sources with various tones and certain rhythms or tempo determinations as a kind of music makers because their used sounds were created by resonances of the 4-5 Juke Boxes, ancient remote controller (for trasnformers?), several sound mixers, a small bottle of glass and only an electronic guitar as an musical instrument. And what's more their definitions whether those system would be a kind of musical instruments or just an imaginative produce should be more clarified by themselves.

During the 2days conference(s) at Orpheus Instituut I'm also interested in the very characteristic structure of their concert hall which were using supended ceilling with several hales of each panels. There I suppose that there're very few of string instrumentists who performed recently. Those had been very featured especially when I stepped to a mezzanine audience floor; I gazed all of them for a while just after the ending of the conference. There I felt as if I were a small animal which flied from human hands because none of other participants, presentators, or the equipments (approximately 27 - 35 people?) could not find me stepping to there just behind them.

Although these tripping days were in Carnaval/Krokusvakantie/Karnevalstage vacance in Belgium (check them for each year if you will trip in Belgium in February!!), I could meet many people for my further important affaires in Brussels. Even after moving in Germany since 07 June 2012, certain my concerned people called to my German number!! And all of materials which were difficult to obtain for my recent concerts and artistic researching had been mines in Brussels.

I think attending to several artistic researching conferences will be good to know the concepts and attitudes of each organization or each researcher, whether with or without knowing their true intentions. Among receiving researching ideas and those informations I will be inspired to create my own researching theme proposals with my journal performances to develop my researching ideas during actual and coming concerts.