13. Feb, 2015

Writing music or revies? Writing or reading? That's the question

Since end of last year I'm attracted by the trilogy of "Assassin's Creed" by Oliver Bowden which I could find in a book store in Brussels, even I wasn't reading novels but a kind of technical books or music notes, normally. This trilogy is based on real European History with graceful words which can involve and toss me and my sentiments much more than I was expecting. The noble and variable writing expressions are powerful and delightful even during the scenes of sadness. I can't imagine how could the author be inspired to achieve them yet but just to read when I don't practice nor perform the violin with some obsessions as if I could be a kind of real "Ezio il Auditore di Firenze" in Italy or Belgium.... 

By the way I recently began writing artistic review initiatively as well as I mentionned on my short profile here because I have been inspired by a(n) (artistically) versatile artist who creates own innovative works with combinations among multiple plastic art works and classical - modern Music. I'm franckly attracted to him and have thought to write a review upon one or some of his works for neither flatter nor blame him nor abuse his works but literary "writing review about one of his artistic works" with my own artistic opinions which has been based on certain artistic skills and thoughts.

Fortunately he authorized me sincerely to write a review article and sent me his exemple among his chosen works. I rejoiced for his sincere responses and I'm still writing the review draft until before the dead line. However I sometimes feel as if I were not wanting to finish this review writing because I don't wish finishing contacts with the artist after writing one review article. Fortunately there is still enough time to the dead line to send this review, therefrom I will be inspired more.

There it is really interesting that I began rather writing artistic reviews than my own Music writing. The most difficult thing for Music writing is how to connect each of ideas=occured phrases or melodies with tonal harmony or atonal notes or dodecaphonic methods (but it was also based on the concept of "eliminating harmonic continuation of notes" after tonal and violinistic ideas of Arnold Schönberg, isn't it?). Occuring some transcendent phrases is never difficult to write and sample there the connective melodies or notes among them should be ready for their practical use, however. Otherwise the samplings of Musical idea will be only literal "amature music samplings" which has neither artistic expressions nor impressions to be occured by the Performer itself for the audiences.

Both of them can't be neither inspired nor occured if they aren't based on actual artistic performing activities. For exemple, I have enough idea to write them thanks to certain experiences and coming concert activities as a Violinist who loves not only music but also the majority of artistic genres now. However they can never be written as an amateur writer (without irony) but only with certain professional artistic knowledges and their practical skills. If I were come to a deadlock in my violin skills or concert career the above-mentionned artist would even reject or blame me to write a review of his work and I should be contented with an amateurishness with few grouses in my entire life (fortunately such bad end wasn't come true).