7. Feb, 2015


"Romance" in F Major by Ludwig Van Beethoven has been added for my concert program in this May which I will perform as soloist with orchestra. I rejoice now for increasing my concert program day by day.

Unexpectedly (for me) the works by Van Beethoven ("Van" is a part of family name in Flemish origine like other linguistic origine names for exemple "Von Karajan" or "De ___" "Di ____" etc.) are really accepted and reacted by the audience very well not only in Germany but also in Italy. There I discovered that the Italian works (Vitali, Vivaldi, Paganini, etc.) can be combinated with the works by Van Beethoven, especially "Romance".

And as Yefudi Menuhin performed the second movement of the Violin Concerto by Van Beethoven at the Henry Moore Museum we can/should find more innovative artistic combinations between other artistic genre (which can include the choice of the performing site) and the works by Van Beethoven (I'm partiular about not to forget "Van". How about you for that ?) unpretentiously. There such ideas or creations will be inspired after certain quantity of exercises to be more practical for our performances, of course.