27. Jan, 2015

Postgraduaat of(or) ManaMa?

There're many 2 years period artistic courses in the third cycle; Postgraduaat=Postgraduate (PG but after MA level), ManaMa (Meester na Meester = Master after Master), Cycle de Perfectionnement = Advanced Training Course (ATC ; this is a kind of "Berufliche Ausbildung" aimed to real stage performance trainings, thus the double schooling with Royal Conservatories or IMEP or Lemensinstituut is legal), etc. However I don't hear yet as if there're astist-students who're irresolute to choose their courses among them. And what's more there're at least 3 diffferent "Postgraduate" ; after BA, after MA, or as for PD = Postdoctorate (and "noch so weiter"....?).

In Belgium an advicer in Leuven / Louvain told me once that they don't like PG by EhB I don't know why. (EhB = Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel organizes certain PG, ManaMa which will be combinated with many Universities or Graduate School or Royal Conservatories which have been classified by the speciality or certain targetted researching theme). Those program is different from Ph. D, however the Condition of Permission, writing researching theme (shorter than Ph. D but existed) and a general planning were bit resemble. And I also learned at Koninklijk Musiek Conservatorium van Brussel that the choice of wishing researching theme must be artistic but neither too subjective nor too much technical.

For Ph. D due to my specialization (Violin in Music Department) I always faced with the tough difficulty to find a promotors/supervisors, even it was possible to make my professor one of my promotors. In one of the conservatories I must find the promotor and realize their agreements/reccommendation document for my application to the entrance exam, already. When I found a music university in another country (also in EU area) where the condition of the addmission was much less difficult than the previous one, I must obtain German Certificate in C1 Level, however. In Germany I faced also a special situation that one of "Musikhochschule" Staffs don't know "their website was showing Ph. D" even more they didn't know what the Ph.D was.

I don't know yet which will be the first, the Promotor or Researching Theme. Let's see sooner or later....