24. Jan, 2015

For the 6th time

I've been informed by one of the conductors who contacts with me for the coming concert that I will be able to perform also "Cantabile" by Paganini with orchestra in this year. I'm glad and agreed with the conducter his concert program. I think this concert will be before my 6th concert solo for the concerto by Paganini with orchestra after the 5th time at Collégiale Notre-Dame of Huy on 01 June 2008.

For me the both of past and present are egally important. I must continue my concert career with given career at the same time of daily violin study. I can't pretend myself being enough patient to "do nothing", at all.

I don't know whether the conductor add more works: probably Romance by Van Beethoven or Doppel Concerto by Bach because the intention of another soloist and her collegues is enough unclear, even I never mean to blame them yet.

By the way one of my violin professors became sick. Hope take care of himself and he will always fulfill his artistic ambitions.