Open Journal / Recent concert performance reports by Naoko Matsui alias Goryo Goryokaku alias Alucard Leterme

28. May, 2018

An introduction of this international music festival came to me with the brochure. It made me being highly interested to be there, even the further information didn't come before my departure.

I had been confused between Trinitapoli (the train station mentionned "Trinitapoli San Ferdinando Di Puglia") and San Ferdinando Di Puglia in order to be arrived at the Auditorium San Ferdinando Di Puglia. Only an ice cream cafe was opening in Trinitapoli and there, a family brought me to the Auditorium San Ferdinando Di Puglia.


"È postato ? È postato ?"


One of them cheered me up repeatedly until finding the stairs of the Auditorium.


"Naoko ! Naoko !"

"Ciao, Naoko ! Ciao !"

"Naoko ! Allora, mi donne tuoi spartiti per la pianista !!! Mi donne tuoi spartiti per favore !"


They prepared everything necessary for me for my performance in the Sunday Afternoon. One of their familly brought me to their home in order to rehearse twice and having pasta lunch together. In true, I should not wait for my performance too long.

After performing my program, I had been asked by the organizer of this music festival to play 3 minutes of an unaccompanied work by Johann Sebastian Bach on the evening concert and I agreed wih them, immediately.

And suddenly, within other pianists performances, the award ceremony had been begun. There, only my result was never announced, even after others' diploma awards. Anyway, I was awaiting for my next performance in the same evening.

On the stage of the Auditorium, I had been announced my Premio Speziale Intercultura award and one of the speakers gave me a bottle on the stage, as a part of their prizes.

Then, the final award ceremony had been begun with prizes, medals, trophies and diplomas, etc. on the prize table on the stage of the Auditorium. There, I had been called at the first among all of the musicians and finally announced my Second Prize with the diploma and the trophy award.  


"Naoko Matsui !! Naoko Matsui !!"

"Matsui Naoko !! Matsui Naoko !!"


The presenter of the concert shouted this name repeatedly within the enthusiastic and long applaused after each of my performances and the final award ceremony. So that made me being satisfied entirely.


"Naoko ! Complimenti !! Complimenti !!"

"Naoko ! Alla prossima voltà, si prega inviarmi tuoi spartiti al primo con tua iscrizione direttamente !"

"D'accord ! Facciamo cosi !"

"D'accord ! Facciamo cosi !" 











I'm the violinist Naoko Matsui, even you can never accept the facts, because they still want to call me Naoko Matsui.

30. Apr, 2018

Whether I came to Cittadella Italy via Padova or Vicenza, I was waiting for playing on III Festival Internazionale Città Murata 2018 in Cittadella in the end of this month. As the two of the convocations had been sent me for the both rehearsals and the public audition separatedly, I hurried to come there two days before those appointments.

As nobody found on 27 April 2018 at the venue Villa Rina in Cittadella (outside of the ancient round fort) and no accommodations found, I asked the library of Villa Rina for everything about this music festival and the person prepared all of my necessary things in Cittadella within less than one hour, before the closing time of the library (there, the elevator had been blocked even before the cloture time suddenly,  I don't know why).

The hot air in Cittadella never disturbed my violin playing during the both rehearsal and the audition at a kind of lodges-like-auditorium. Here's the program ;



III Festival Internazionale Città Murata 2018 (29 April 2018, Villa Rina Cittadella Italy)


Niccolò Paganini ; Violin Concerto No. 1 in D Major Op. 6 Second (Adagio) and Third (Rondo) Movements


Alucard Leterme alias Goryo Goryokaku alias Naoko Matsui, Violin

Accompanied by the official pianist of III Festival Internazionale Città Murata 2018



First of all, there were too few audience just before my audition. However, I immediately noticed that more audience came to listen me.

After the audition, a tall man came to me and we shaked hands without saying any simple words, at all. And the official pianist and the artistic director ran to catch me again to persuade me to rest at the lodges-like-auditorium during hours in order to listen "the people's opinion" on my performance at Villa Rina, but not further concert appointments, at all. I sincerely declined his suggestions and walked through the inside of the ancient round fort of Cittadella in the hot afternoon time.

10. Mar, 2018

A reply E-mail of the result of admission to attend 5. Chursächsiche Meisterkurse ; Violin Masterclass by Professor Gerhard Schulz made me enough surprised because I was expecting as if I would be received "Leider nicht Nachricht" as usual in Germany. The compulsory repertory for the Violin Masterclass was one of the Violin Concertos by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart which was only the one I was not learning among the all of the first five, yet (whether you can agree with Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 6 or not yet).

Although the venue town Bad Elster looked like other Badestädt ; Bad Kissingen as "Bäderland", Sindelfingen (even the Spa Hause was becoming a music school for Violinstudien), Marienbad, etc., the atomosphere of the Masterclass was ultra calmer than the others (of course, I profitted this atomosphere, well).

Here's the program ;



5. Chursächsiche Meisterkurse / Violin Masterclass by Professor Gerhard Schulz (05 - 10 March 2018, Sonnenhof Bad Elster, Bad Elster Germany)


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ; Violin Concerto No. 2 KV211 whole movements (Cadenzas / Goryo Goryokaku)


Goryo Goryokaku, Violin

accompanied by official pianist of 5. Chursächsiche Meisterkurs / Violin Masterclass by Gerhard Schulz



Professor Gerhard Schulz' methods for playing this Violin Concerto No. 2 by Mozart were clearly and really classical. I followed all of his advices easily and also clearly and completed the my first learning of this Violin Concerto No. 2 by Mozart During his three violin lessons. In true, his Violin Masterclass had been finished today, one day before the expected ending date.


P. S. The arrival of the Masterclass Diploma (for me) of 5. Chursächsiche Meisterkurse by post made me really astonished just before going out in the evening on Saturday 17 March 2018. It also made me being at a little bit loss, whether to carry the Masterclass Diploma with me or back to my study to place it. Again thanks.

4. Mar, 2018

The recent snow never disturbed my concert (or recital) trip to Massa Italy for the second time after winning at IV Concorso Internazionale di Esecuzione Musicale Clara Wieck Schumann in last Spring. Also the concert program had been decided and agreed with the organizer very comfortably and the pianist agreed with me for the accompaniments, immediately. Approximately 11 months of waiting for this Concerto Premio (Concert Prize) was not too long to be realized, finally. Here, I still remind my Concerto dei Vincitori (The Winners' Concert) at the Aula Magna of Felice Palma on 30 April 2017, there I had been received the invitation letter for this time.

Here's the program ;




Concerto del Palma (2017 / 2018) / Vincitorice del Concorso "C. W. Schumann (02 March 2018, Aula Magna del Liceo Artistic e Musicale "Felice Palma", Massa MS Italy)


Camille Saint=Saëns ; Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28

Henryk Wieniawski ; Fantasie sur des motifs de l'Opéra "Faust" de Gounod Op. 20

Niccolò Paganini ; La Campanella from Violin Concerto No. 2 in B minor Op. 7


Bis / Encore : Dinicu - Heifetz ; Hora Staccato alias Hora Spiccato


Naoko Matsui alias Goryo Goryokaku, Violin

Aleksei Iaropolov, Piano Accompaniment



Here, I wrote the concert program in actual order on 02 March 2018 at Aula Magna in Massa because the printed program was written in order of Saint=Saëns - Paganini - Wieniawski.

Absolutely, Rondo Capriccioso by Saint=Saëns was suitable for the beginning of this recital as its soloist violinist with Vienna International Orchestra conducted by Maestro Robert Lehrbaumer at Kirche Halbturn (Church) on 15 July 2017. 

As I performed Fantasie sur des motifs de l'Opéra "Faust" de Gounod by Wieniawski on the concert at Smetana's Museum of Prague on 08 Februar 2018, it was exactly "ready to go" for it.

And La Campanella from Violin Concerto No. 2 by Paganini was my winning program with Violin Concerto No. 1 by Paganini for X. Concorso Internazionale di Musica Trofeo Città di Greci (2015), I should absolutely perform it at the end of this concerto.

Additionally, it was the third time to play Hora Spiccato / Hora Staccato by Dinicu - Heifetz for the bis after twice of concerts in Hamburg (Germany) and Boca Raton (U. S. A.).

Can I say it that I was really happy also for this time that I could make the Audience mostly satisfied as usual ? Is it also the cause that I was reminding the streets in Massa without being lost ? More than three times of standing ovations never justify to blame this concert, I'm sure.

After performing on the concert, I, Maestro Iaropolov and the organizers wenn to having a pizza together. This time, I heard their very sincere making history. 

"Sentiamo !"

"Ci Sentiamo !"

"Grazie !"

"Grazie !"

"Grazie !"

....  etc.

Although it is as usual to walk on the fresh night streets also in Massa, zeit geht so schnell, and it was also too short.

11. Feb, 2018

An introduction (rather I want to call it "invitation", if you agree with me) from the Director of the Violin Masterclass in Prague arrived at me just on the last Christmas (!) and I was adjusting for it with him, of course (and very well). What's more, the real surprise this time was adding one more concerto with orchestra for the concert on 10 February 2018. Many beautiful surprises coming to me but I had been told ;

"People envies you. Play more, Alucard !!"

And it began in Prague.

First of all, I missed the welcome meeting at Italian Cultural Institute (Prague) on 05 February 2018 because I fell asleep in my room during the daytime. However, it neither disturbed me and the Director nor made me sick, at all. I don't know why but it took 40 minutes to Italian Cultural Institute (Prague) that included false route walking and it also took 40 minutes to be there even without being lost on the streets. Only the last two concert days the route took approximately 20 minutes by foot on the same streets (why ?).

Professor Sciarretta gave me 5 violin lessons at Italia Cultural Institute (Prague) in order to prepare the 3 repertories for 2 Concerts with very nice and ultra powerful advices with saying ;

"We need making new (Machen wir etwas Neu) !"


"I have idea (Ich habe Idee) !"

repeatedly during the lessons.

One of the participants was complaing that the piano accompaniment for Ciaconna by Tomaso Antonio Vitali (Charlier Ed.) was delayed but never in my cases (rather, their performance was not bad at all).

Here're the programs ;



Concert at Baroque Music Hall of Italian Cultural Institute (10 February 2018, Prague Czech Republic)



Antonio Vivaldi ; Inverno / Winter Concerto in f minor Op. 8 RV297

Antonio Vivaldi ; Estate / Sommer Concerto in g minor Op. 8 RV315


Goryo Goryokaku (五稜郭五稜) alias Naoko Matsui (松井直子), Violin

Jan Svejkovský, Conductor

Interpreti di Praga



Concert at Music Hall of Smetana's Museum (09 February 2018, Prague Czech Republic)


Henryk Wieniawski ; Fantaisie sur des motifs de l'opéra "Faust" de Gounod Op. 20


Naoko Matsui (松井直子) alias Goryo Goryokaku (五稜郭五稜), Violin

Stanislav Gallin, Piano Accompaniment



Violin Masterclass in Prague - February 2018, in the Framework of Italia Arte Fest Music and Arts Academy / Violin Masterclass by Professor Maurizio Sciarretta (05 - 10 February 2018, Italian Cultural Institute, Prague Czech Republic)


Antonio Vivaldi ; Inverno / Winter Concerto in f minor Op. 8 RV297

Antonio Vivaldi ; Estate / Sommer Concerto in g minor Op. 8 RV315

Henryk Wieniawski ; Fantaisie sur des motifs de l'opéra "Faust" de Gounod Op. 20


Goryo Goryokaku alias Naoko Matsui, Violin



"Congratulations, Naoko !"

"Congratulations !!"

After the concert I had been adviced for an intonation issue during my performance of Estate / Sommer Concerto by Vivaldi with the orchestra. However, the both Professors also continued ; 

"But the performance level is completely different ! It's high !!!"

"Your level is so different ! You're different from after Marienbad (in last Sommer) !!!!"

"You're changed !!!!!"

There, I finally confessed to them that I need to continue like this time and um so weiter, whether I was called Naoko or M. Matsui or Alucard or ....

"Thank you, Raven, oder M. Matsui !"

On the night streets in Prague.