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Johannes Brahms ; Scherzo in c minor from F-A-E Sonata 

Naoko Matsui alias Goryo Goryokaku, Violin 
Dmitry Klimenko, Piano 

Wiener Musikseminar Abschlusskonzert Live, Auditorium of Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien (mdw), Vienna Austria, 20 September 2012 

Filmed and recorded by Florian Stradner and his collegues in mdw (Vienna Austria). 

The middle part of image has been decorated due to camera accident during the concert.


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Jango Goryo Goryokaku alias Naoko Matsui Radio : https://www.jango.com/music/Goryo+Goryokaku+alias+Naoko+Matsui


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Moonpeel Video (external) : https://www.moonpeel.com/videos/videodetails/TlRjeA== 

Dailymotion (external) : http://dai.ly/x3utpp4 

YouTube Hector Grumiaux Canal Vers. (external) : https://youtu.be/1lozgtJQbgw 

YouTube Ancient Naoko Matsui Canal Vers. (external) : http://youtu.be/__z-YxCNvbg 

Vimeo (external) : https://vimeo.com/117572263


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Sound Exhibition (internal)

Moonpeel Audio (external) : https://www.moonpeel.com/audios/audiodetails/TnpJMQ== 

SoundCloud (external) : https://soundcloud.com/ggoryokaku/brahmsscherzo