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Short profile of Alucard Leterme, violinist for classical and modern music

Concert photo cited from Corriere Del Sud "Concerto pro Paravati" ; organized by Società Beethoven at Chiesa dell'Immacolata (the Immaculate Church) of Crotone Italy on 28 December 2014 during performing Doppelkonzert (Double Concerto) in d minor by Johann Sebastian Bach

Soloist Violinists (Left) : Alucard Leterme and Giuseppe Arnaboldi, Conductor (Center) : Fernando Romano, Orfeo Stillo Orchestra

Alucard Leterme is a concert violinist for classical and modern music ; the soloist violinist for the concert at Collégiale Notre-Dame and Saint-Domitianus of Huy / Hoei on 01 June 2008, Saint-Catherine Church of Brussels on 07 May 2005, IMEP Concert Church Hall on 24 November 2007, La Plante Church of Namur / Namen on 23 December 2007, Saint-Christophe Church of Hannut on 19 April 2008, Saint-Martin Church of Leuze on 25 April 2005 (Belgium), the Redeemer Church / Erlöserkirche of Hamburg on 28 February 2015, Chapel of Tannenhoehe Villingen on 16 October 2013, 29 August 2014 and 25 September 2015, the Christ Church of Hamburg on 14 September 2013 (Germany), Immaculate Church of Crotone on 28 December 2014 (Italy), Kirche Halbturn on 15 July 2017 (Austria), Presbytery / Presbytère of Saint-Cast-le-Guildo in April 2003 and Église de Hourtin on 22 April 2017 (France), Saint-Maria Church of Štanjel on 13 April 2013 (Slovenia), All Saints Anglican Cathedral of Tulsa on 11 December 2016 (U.S.A.), etc. and also performed as trio and duo violoniste at Chapel Boondael / Boendael of Brussels (Belgium) in 2005 and 2003.

Currently Alucard Leterme is 8 1st Prizes, 1 1st Classification, 4 Golden Medals, 3 Grand Prix, 2 Winning Trophies, 2 Honor Prizes, 1 Golden Prize and 1 Intercultural Prize winner, always as soloist violinist. 

Since October 2014 Alucard Leterme is also a Rostered Artist at Price Rubin & Partners as soloist violinist with orchestra for Sponsored Concert Program and this agreement with PRP had been renewed in end of October 2018 for next seasons.



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Recent concert video example of Alucard Leterme ; Adagio in A major from Doppelkonzert in d minor by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdi MWV04
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